October 21, 2014

Oil For Everyday Cooking

I was looking for meals perfect for Fall that my family haven't tried. Then I noticed Pumpkin Seed Oil at the grocery store. It's pumpkin, hello?! The most ideal ingredient you can use for this season! What do you think? :)

Honestly though, I haven't tried it ever. This will be the first time I am actually going to use it. I really find it interesting because I eat pumpkin seeds a lot, since I was a kid!

Thankfully, there's a lot of recipe sites though only a few features great and user-rated recipes using pumpkin seed oil. As I shared with you before, I always and only use recipes rated 4.5 to 5 (highest). This Pumpkin Salad Dressing Recipe was rated perfect! I just go to try it. But before I start, I just wanted to make sure I thank Thorsten, for sharing this wonderful recipe via Food.com. If you check link to the recipe, you'll notice it has honey, but I do not have one at home so I substituted pancake syrup instead. Almost comparable with regards to sweetness and consistency anyway.
Ingredients for Pumpkin Seed Oil Dressing
My husband took these photos and I thought he was more excited than I do. I haven't tried a home-made dressing and I never imagined how easy it was. Well, I just got to run to the nearest store to buy balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard. I think some of you might have them at home already, I just used up mine and I am not really a huge fan of mustard.

Home-made salad dressing!
Anyway, for this recipe, I asked my husband's thoughts. He said he can't complain about the dressing. He loved it and even told me to prepare more for our guests next week! I promised I will but I'd have to do it a few hours before actually using it to preserve it's freshness. He's got a comment about the ingredients I put in the salad though. He said with a dressing like pumpkin seed oil, I should not use croutons because they tend to absorb a lot of dressing that it loses it's crunchiness. It also makes it too flavorful that doesn't taste good anymore. He next time, I better put on bleu cheese. Yes, bleu, because the recipe was made by a French, at least that's what I think. LOL!
Nutty and Flavorful
Another meal I prepared to go with the salad was Spicy Garlic Pasta. For this I just used spaghetti, minced garlic, a dash of salt, crushed chili then sprayed it with extra virgin olive oil (so it won't taste and look dry). It was rather quick and simple. You'll probably find all of the ingredients in your pantry.
Extra Virgine Olive Spray Oil
Again, my husband had something to say about my trial recipe. He said quite a few things, first, for guests preference, do not put too much crushed chili pepper. It's easy to add anyway. Next, he said I forgot the cheese and the cheddar or pepperjack cheese in our fridge would work. (He actually put some on his and I was not able to take a photo of it.) Last but not the least, he said put a lot of minced garlic or better yet, put a fried garlic. Mmm. I guess I have the best food critique at home. Haha!
Spicy Garlic Pasta
Overall, I think the recipes were great. Just look at the empty pasta plate and salad with only croutons left. By the way, that's my critique's plate. :P
Empty salad plateEmpty pasta plate
Wait, I almost forgot about the dessert. I guess he was too full to even try it so I was the one who ate it. For this Roasted Walnut Cookie Crumble Muffin, I used basic butter cake recipe and added some crushed oreo cookies! Also, a few minutes before actually removing it from the oven, I sprayed some roasted walnut oil on top for a nutty taste. The rest, I just added for presentation. :)
Roasted Walnut Cookie Crumble Muffin
I just realized that I can do so much with bottles or cans of oil! Like the La Tourangelle products I used. What more, they are in easy to use spray cans (which are non-aerosol by the way). To share, you can check out more of their products at LaTourangelle.com, you might just your own set of favorite oils! They even have organic and Non-GMO ones. The non-aerosol propellent-free spray oils I believe are one of their newer products. Don't you love the products' aesthetic look? I sure do!
La Tourangelle - Organic and Specialty Oils
Now... I guess my husband would be delighted if I serve him this kind of food everyday. Looks and tastes like take-out meals from the restaurant, tee-hee! I think I'll look and experiment more recipes using oil. I just noticed they add a unique flavor to everyday meals. Next time, I hope to prepare a meal using the roasted walnut oil.
Used a different oil for each! :)
How about you, what kind of oil do you usually use? What do you have at home?

I was not paid to do a review of the products mentioned above. I was given samples to facilitate my review but everything was based on my honest opinion of the product.

October 20, 2014

OnBoard 35 Air Infant Car Seat Sweepstakes

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Three (3) Natural Soy Candles Giveaway

Have you ever smelled something unusual in your home? A closet full of shoes, an unventilated basement, musky bathroom, a pungent cooking smell, or maybe it became so usual you don't even notice it anymore? LOL! 

I tell, you, I have tried many things to lower the smell I experience from such and tried to avoid the possibility of my visitors noticing them. I do open the bathroom and kitchen windows but I don't think I can do that during winter. I also bought a dehumidifier and an air purifier (the latter I actually returned because I didn't notice any difference after a week of trying it). I sometimes use those electric and battery-operated fragrance too. I use fabric fresheners as well, especially in the closet. The funny thing is I never really went into the idea of using candles just because I don't like the burnt smell after blowing the wick.

I guess things changed after I acquainted myself with natural soy candles. I just thought, the time I will spend smelling the wonderful and aromatic fragrance is more than the time I'll smell the burnt wick. Ha! 
Natural Soy Candles
To start with, one set of the Old Factory candle contains three (3) 2oz. soy candles in a box that is perfect for gifting! Just put a ribbon on top and a tag and it's ready! I also love the simple design which can be easily blended with natural home colors. 
Comes in a box perfect for gifting!
I chose the Fresh and Clean scent because I always loved the smell of newly-washed clothes and fresh-smelling stuff! This package includes 3 different scents namely Fresh Linen, Lemongrass and Olive Blossom! I seriously love each! My husband's favorite though is Lemongrass. He said he's going to use it in his office.

Besides these scents, you can also choose from a lot more! There are even holiday-themed candle sets! Below are the list of Themes and their related fragrances: 
  • Fall Harvest ~ Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry, Autumn Leaves
  • Happy Holidays ~ Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, Gingerbread
  • Winter Wonderland ~ Hot Cocoa, Roasted Chestnut, First Snow
  • Romance ~ Rose Petals, Champagne, Dark Chocolate
  • Fresh & Clean ~ Lemongrass, Olive Blossom, Fresh Linen
  • Spa Day ~ Cucumber, Lemongrass, Green Tea
  • Vacation ~ Sea Breeze, Hawaiian Lei, Awapuhi
  • Coffee Shop ~ Coffee Bean, Hazelnut, Chai Tea
  • Man Cave ~ Straight Razor, Leather, Mahogany
  • High as a Kite ~ Cannabis, Incense, Bag O' Cookies
  • New Born Baby ~ Baby Powder, Baby Shampoo, First Blanket
  • 50 Shades ~ Leather, Jasmine Bubbles, Vanilla ***
I guess the most creative and unique set is the last one, what do you think? ;) By the way, you can find Old Factory candles at Amazon.
Fresh and Clean Set
These candles are made from natural soy wax and are hand-poured in the USA. Each of the three (3) gourmet candles are also made with cotton paper wicks and pure fragrances oils. The company guarantees each candle will burn clean, even and true-to-scent for 20 hours. Honestly, I wouldn't want to test it, I want to make a use of these candles for as long as it takes!
Hand-Poured in the USA
Cute and Simple 2oz. Candle 
To let you try and test these fragrant candles yourself, Mom's Tried and Tested is giving you a chance to win the same candle gift pack I received ~ three (3) 2oz. candles of the scent you like!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.