August 8, 2012

Our #Family #Toothbrush

Oral hygiene has always been an important factor in my life, that's why I choose the brand I trust, Oral-B.

Since I was a teenager, I kept on hearing people older than me that if they were asked to choose between taking a bath or brushing their teeth, they'd choose to brush their teeth. For some reason, I tend to agree to that. It would be hard for a person like me, who is very talkative, to open my mouth and start blabbering among my friends not realizing that I am releasing a toxic gas, much harder to take than the one released from behind. Haha!

During my last visit to the dental clinic, my dentist recommended that I buy an electric toothbrush so brushing my teeth will become easier and more efficient. She tried to sell me one, an unfamiliar brand, one of the two brands available in their clinic. I hesitated because I wanted something that has been tested over the years.

It wasn't hard for me because I know exactly what I wanted. I need something that will whiten my teeth. It's a bit stained because I love iced teas, they said that's one of the causes. So, anyway, the hunt was as quick as a lightning, I saw the Oral-B CrossAction Power Max Whitening electronic toothbrush at the store and bought it. Done!

My hunt was over but my husband needed his. He's got a good set of healthy teeth but the dentist said he's got problems with the gums. Also, my husband started to complain about his sensitive teeth after the said checkup. It took us almost two weeks to find his, until we saw the Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000. It's the most expensive so probably the best. Ha! True enough, he's had it for a year and he's very happy with it. Plus, we get to use the timer, or SmartGuide as they call it. My husband and I brush our teeth together most of the time, so I too, can use the timer. It'll time you for two minutes. I tell you, it seems like forever, but when you do it with someone, it's better. Our little one join us, but she needs help of course. I got her a brush for babies 4-24 months with my favorite Disney character, Eeyore, and it's Oral-B, definitely.

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