August 6, 2012

The #Contact #Lens #Solution I #Trust

I have been a contact lens wearer for more almost 15 years and so far, I am loving Bausch+Lomb's Biotrue multi-purpose solution.

I have tried at least 7 different brands considering several factors:
1) Reviews - If I haven't heard any of my friends talk about it, I Google it just to be sure it's at least a 4-star product.
2)  Brand - I consider fairly-known to well-known brands because I've come to realize that the more popular and well-rated of course, the brand is, the more it can be trusted.
3) Price - I put this not on top-priority because as I mentioned, I want something that's worth it. I don't want to get the super cheap brands that I won't be able to use in the long run, maybe because it doesn't feel comfortable. Though you should know that I have tried store brands too.

I waited a week-long to write this review so I'd know how it differ with the other brands. I use Biotrue to clean, rinse, disinfect and store my lenses [though it does more than that, according to the label, it also conditions and removes accumulated protein]. Amazingly, I did notice three things. First, when cleaning the lenses, I observed it does remove dirt! I usually feel like there's something in between my retina and the lens so I always have to remove, re-clean [which is a waste of time and solution] and put the lenses back to my eyes.  Second, it feels smoother even after 12 hours of wearing contact lenses. Sometimes, I get that burning sensation then my eyes turn red and itchy, but not with Biotrue. Lastly, when I store my lenses for at least 3 days in the container, I see crystallized debris. Fortunately, and again with Biotrue, there's none!

I honestly thought I wouldn't find a difference at all, but oh well, I think it just means the product is good. It claims that the product was "inspired by the biology of your [our] eyes", I bet they're true!

If you would like to try Biotrue, you can get a 4oz at 50% off the store price. That's going to be $2.16-2.60 depending on the store. Just take the BioTrue Challenge on or before October 28, 2012. You'll also get the chance to be one of the 20 winners of the one year supply of Biotrue solution or the Grand Prize winner of $10,000-worth dream vacation! Awesome, right?

If you like to share your thoughts with the same product, feel free to share it by posting a comment below. Hope to hear from you soon!

Disclaimer: This review was based on my own research and experience. I was able to get product sample without the company's assurance that I'll be reviewing the product.

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