September 26, 2012

Phillips Flagship - Seafood Buffet

Overall Rating: 2.5/5
Budget: Weekday Lunch $16.99 / Weekend and Dinner $29.99 / person
Address: 900 Water Street, SW Washington, D.C. 20024.

After a tiring day of strolling in Washington DC, dinner should be the heaviest meal of the day! A friend suggested that we go to Philips Seafood because it's famous and they too, haven't been there. The restaurant is divided into two - the Crab Deck and the Seafood Buffet. We chose the latter because it's buffet, which will surely cater our different palates. Besides, they all want crabs!

I really am not a fan of buffet but I had to go with them. It's not that I don't like them, I already consider them good friends. The only reason is my stomach can't handle humongous intake of solids. I can do 5 or more glasses of iced tea, but not the main thing.

I wasn't able to take photos because I somehow forgot. I was too focused on the conversation. Anyway, I tasted a little bit of this and that and I only have one comment - most of the food I've tasted were salty! That includes the macaroni and cheese! Even my husband who lovesss salty foods said that they were. My husband's friend also told me the same thing when I commented that the macaroni and cheese was such. Well, good thing I was with a good and cheerful company, else, it's going to be a really not-so-good experience.

I should have ordered a la carte only if the waiter told me they have a separate menu for it. Too bad I didn't ask because I thought it's solely buffet, until I saw the table next to us being served sandwiches and fries! It must have been better. Next time, I know best.

Considering it's a buffet, I'd say it's okay. If I can tolerate my daughter to sit on the floor, then I consider it clean. And I did let her sit several times. Also, I can't remember using paper towel and hand sanitizer to wipe the table, so, yes, it is clean! The buffet tables don't look messy too. The bathroom's well-maintained. I love that. I went there twice and I saw the janitor once cleaning.

They have highchairs for sure. They also provide activity sheets and crayons. I've seen several families with babies are young as 4 months and they did great!

Customer Service
This is were they failed me. First, our server was not so attentive. The drink refills were not as prompt, we always need to call his attention. You have to ask for paper towels too. Hello, they were all eating crabs! Then, we had to split the bill and he said the system won't allow it. He suggested another step which was acceptable, though to avoid confusion two groups paid cash and the other, credit card. We still have a change of $8 which took him approximately 15 minutes to give back. I was thinking maybe he thought we forgot about it or if he doesn't come back for awhile then it'll be his 'tip'. A friend called his attention to remind him about the matter. I know, and we know, that it's only $8. But we also look at honesty and responsibility here. We have the right to demand our change. If you'd like to know, we gave him a separate tip, which is of course, greater than the amount he was supposed to have. We're still good people, you know. Ha!

Complimentary Stuff
Great view of Washington channel.
Wet and paper towels.
It's worth to note that we didn't find a free parking but there are several parking areas and we paid $8.

So having tried and tested it, are we going back? Maybe if it's a la carte, but not to buffet.

I was not compensated in anyway to do a review of the products or services mentioned this post.
Everything was based on my 100% honest opinion.

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  1. Wow this is a good place. But reading about their CUSTOMER SERVICE, need to change the way they manage their teams.


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