October 10, 2013

Orange, Pink and Green Cake

Yes, this is what my friend of friend likes for her daughter's birthday. At first I can't imagine how the cake will look like because I am not used to incorporating bold colors in my fondant. Initially, she wanted red orange and forest green, then the three colors came up. Fortunately, this one does not look bad at all. 
I thought this will be the easiest fondant cake I'll ever make, so I did it the day before the event. I was totally mistaken for slept at 4AM to finish the two tier cake and wake up before noon to make the "3" topper. The hardest part is making stripes design on the bottom cake. I started this 'stencil' after doing the 1/6 of the cake. I am not sure if there's a cutter or a format but here's what I did.
First, use a cutter (so you can at least have one not crooked stripes) for the green strips and place but do not paste them yet on the cake. The reason is so you can always move them whenever you need to make adjustments with the other two stripes.
I took a few sheets of paper and a pencil, then placed it in between the two green strips. Then I sort of made a stencil to measure the exact size. I traced it again with black pen. I placed that paper on practice board (that blue thing with a plastic thing on top) and then rolled the fondant until I can see through the black ink.
Cut it accordingly and cut it again in half. Do this for the other two colors in the same stencil - pink and orange in this case.
Get the left part of the 2nd color (pink) and the right part of the 3rd color (orange). Note that you may not be able to use them in the other spaces because they for sure have difference measurents.
Once you're done cutting, paste them. If you see extra parts (look at what I'm pointing at), clean them by cutting them with your angled spatula. Else, you can always put decors like flowers just as I did.
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