March 31, 2014

Repair Your Hair In The Comfort of Your Own Home

I have had major hair problems since I was a kid. From split-ends to losing hair and thinning hair. I have experienced them all. Now, my issue is having dry damaged hair. Some of my friends notice the ugly truth about my hair and they tell it to me openly. They actually said I look like a witch! What a very nice word to describe how I look! LOL! Now I try to do something about my crowning glory and the new Neutrogena Triple Repair System works for me perfectly.

Well, it may sound non-sense but I love the look and color combination of Neutrogena Triple Repair System. Most of the items I have in my bath are blue, and I have OCD, so that means everything I put in it should be blue in majority or white. Anyway, I also love that it has a flip-open bottom so I I won't have a hard time pushing when it's about to be empty.

When I tried the Triple Repair Shampoo, I didn't notice much difference with my current shampoo. Only that this one doesn't have a scent, that goes with the rest of the Triple Repair system. It could have been better to smell something fresh and clean. But anyway, as I said, I didn't notice much. I just know it won't cure my on and off dandruff issues.
I have been loyal to Pantene conditioner for awhile now but since I used Neutrogena's Triple Repair conditioner, I say I may be switching soon. I love conditioners that leave my hair extra soft after wash. You know that feeling when you don't need to use a comb, once your hair dries, you can just use your hands to comb it? That's what I feel about this Neutrogena Triple Repair conditioner it leaves my hair tangle-free and my frizzy hair tamed. I am certain that's a huge difference. The photo on the right is an"after" photo, I haven't combed my hair when I took that picture and it already looked like it was.
Excuse my gray hair but the reason I took a photo of it is to show you the effect of Neutrogena's Triple Repair Leave-On Treatment. If you're like me who have issues with falling hair and then having like a nest-thing on your head after a few months, then you'll probably know what I am talking about. LOL. The Leave-On Treatment, besides the conditioner, helped tame my hair. It usually looks dry and frizzy, like a bird would just land on my head and sleep there. With the leave-on, it looks a lot better. My husband also uses it to style his hair but I haven't asked him his opinion about it yet. For me, it's A-okay!
If you want to try the Triple Repair system, I think you'll find them at mass retailers and most stores. Now if you'd like to leave a comment, tell me what your favorite shampoo/conditioner/leave on is, if you ever use one. :)

I was given the products for free to review and was not compensated in any other way.
The review is based on my 100% honest opinion of the product/s.


  1. Amazing products to help you with a hair damage.

  2. I have all those hair problems, you are not alone and it has gotten worse because I've always wanted to have straight hair, so I have to use heat to straighten my strands... unfortunately, my hair is really bad... damaged and all... I guess this is one good product to try. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think it's a great product. When I see the same product here, I'll defo try it! :)

  4. I am using Yves Rocher product for hair treatment, it works fine. This sounds like a good one too.

  5. Awww! Neutrogena is an awesome company. They have the best products in the market. I am glad that the hair products you used repair the damage in your hair. I used to have a very thin hair while growing up. I cut it every month just an inch and now my hair is thick :-)

  6. I have coarse and thick hair and my hair needs special treatment from time to time. I might try this soon and see if it has good results on my hair too.

  7. I guess, I've just been really lucky with my hair, as I've never had any issues with it. Mine is the wash and wear type, a little blowdrying to dry it and I'm good to go.


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