July 25, 2014

The Perfect Party Trays for Gatherings

Have you ever been invited to a party and didn't know what to bring? Or do you always have surprise guests who suddenly appear on your doorsteps? Well, I'd say the new Hormel Gathering Party Tray is the perfect answer to that! There's no need for you to prepare, the ingredients are already there, ready to be served! You don't even need to prepare a serving plate! :)
As you'll see in the pictures above, each ingredient is individually packed and sealed to maintain freshness. If you bought one and won't be using it the same day, place it in the fridge because the cheese might melt. You also need not worry about the crackers being stored in a cool place because it's crunchiness won't be affected. Now let's talk about the ingredients of the party platter:
  • Honey Ham - The round bite-sized shape makes it easier to swallow. It is tender and sweet. My favorite to top my appetizer!
  • Turkey - Like the honey ham, it has the same shape and size, probably three times the size of a quarter. Anyway, it is soft and it looks really fresh. 
  • Cheese - You have two options but both are equally delicious - Sargento Colby Jack and Sargento Mild Cheddar. I loved both because they are smooth and tasty.
  • Crackers - Crunchy and I'd say sweet rather than salty. To my fellow Filipinos, if you are looking for crackers similar to Fita, you bet this cracker taste similar to it . It's hard to find it here in the US, now, I know where I can find it! 
I deeply apologize for not having taken closer (and opened) photos of each, I brought this at a party and there were too many people already taking bits and pieces and I didn't want to bother them by taking photos of the food. Well, I'd say I definitely have at least three friends who liked it sooo much, besides my husband and daughter who can't stop eating them! 

Just for you to know. :)
If you prefer other meats to go with the crackers, they also have other Hormel Gatherings Party Trays - Hard Salami & Pepperoni Party Tray AND Supreme Party Tray. I can't wait to bring and try the other for upcoming events!

I was not paid to do a review of the product/s mentioned above. As a member of the Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger, Mom's Tried and Tested was given a sample to try but was not required to do an online review of the product/s or service/s they provide. This post was based on my 100% honest opinion.


  1. You always have yummy products for review. My kids would love those snacks.

  2. My husband loves cold cuts and cheese. This is the kind of snacks we keep at home, and serve to our visitors.

  3. Great idea to separate foods. This is party tray is a nice stuff to have.

  4. This would be perfect if I were to have a small gathering in my house, I could just prepare this! Thanks!

  5. Perfect for family gatherings! I'm particularly interested in the Turkey and Honey Ham!


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