August 6, 2014

Is Your Child Into Well Beginnings?

I didn't know that Walgreens offer a line of products for babies/toddlers. So it took me by surprise when I saw the Well Beginnings products. The first time I saw it I fell in love with the packaging (color and design). It's simple and it perfectly matches my home decorations! I bet it'll be easy to match them at your place too. Anyway, here are some of the Well Beginnings baby products they offer, all of which are Made in US and offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Well Beginnings Wipes
Well Beginnings wipes are made with Tri-Foam technology which uses 3 layers of cloth to make it stronger yet soft enough to use for little ones. As to thickness, I think it's in the middle, just perfect. I don't like the thin ones that doesn't do much work and the thick ones which I think is too much waste. The wipes too come in scented and fragrance-free hypoallergenic wipes. I prefer the latter though because I am choosy when it come to scents. It's also a relief to know it has been approved by dermatologists and it doesn't contain alcohol which can make kids' skin dry.
 Well Beginnings Diaper

  • Soft, Stretchable Waist and Side Panels to Wrap Your Baby in Softness
  • Extra Soft Inner Liner with Natural Botanicals, Vitamin E and Aloe Hypoallergenic
  • Excellent Leakage Protection Day and Night
  • Cottony Soft Outer Cover
  • Available in NB-Size 6 as well as Jumbo Sizes

Classic look with the chequered design.
Simple and not too bold colors to go with any outfit.
Back is stretchable for a perfect fit and to avoid leak.
Well Beginnings Baby Wash
If you look closely at the photo, it's not full. Well it WAS, I just wasn't able to take a photo of it until today because my daughter was so excited to use her new liquid wash! This baby wash is tear-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free. It's bubbly and soft to the skin which my daughter noticed herself. It's an all-in-one (hair and body) baby wash which saves time and bath space. ;)
Well at Walgreens Oral Electrolyte
This one I have yet to try. I hope my daughter doesn't get sick just to use this but it's always better to have one at home in case of emergency. It's also nice that it comes clear in color (dye free) so she'd think it's water and tasteless. ;) It says it has a fruity flavor and is ready to use, just like Pedialyte. I stored it in the fridge just to make sure.
For even greater savings, stock up when it's on sale. Like right now, it's Buy One Get One 50% off online. :)

I was not paid to do a review of this post. I was given free samples to facilitate the review but everything was based on my honest opinion of the product/s.


  1. I knew Walgreens has its own baby line but must admit I rarely shop there. Out of the 3 drugstores, their register rewards was the hardest for me to manage. Because of that I have never tried their own generic brand. I often subscribe to Amazon or buy in Costco for my diapers and wipes.

    Glad to hear that these items work for you and your family!

  2. Seems a good product to try. Gawa muna ako bagong baby to test those diapers. ha,ha,ha... I'll share na lang this post to Vonn Kaleb's mom.

  3. I like their packaging, too! The colors and print looks fun and very kiddie

  4. These are nice to have if you have a baby at home. Sounds gentle to use for their bare bottom.

  5. The electrolyte solution is good to have at home. I always have oral rehydration salts here at home. Its better to always be safe than sorry. I admire your attention to details when choosing products to use for your child and your home.

  6. I haven't tried those products when my daughter was still a baby. Although I stock up on electrolytes just in case because my daughter had problems with her digestion when she was young.

    I am so intrigued with the diaper's thickness. I wish they made something similar to that thinner diaper when my daughter was still a baby. Baby products now have really evolved.

  7. hmmm, i haven't heard of well beginnings, but then, i do not have a child, :) i remember the pedialyte very well, now, i wonder if i could use that for my electrolyte when into strenuous hiking, i probably will look into it if they have powder :)

  8. I don't have kids yet so I don't really know much about baby stuff :) I'm going to ask some of my mommy friends to check this post and let them know about some baby products..

  9. My mom tried the baby wash and its really nice. Our youngest likes it very much and its smell.


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