August 25, 2014

Meet the New Dora and Friends!

Yes, new! Why did I say that? Because Dora is now a 'big girl' with a bit longer wavy hair and beautiful eyes. I am not from a Latin/Spanish-origin but I let my daughter watch Dora because she learns a lot from her, besides another language, that is.

If you have no idea, Dora and Friends extends Dora the Explorer's play-along interactive format through music and interactive songs. Your kids will sure develop and enhance the following skills:


Collaborate and work together to carry out socially responsible actions.


Reflect on the episode's pro-social activity and its impact. Support pro-social messages with drawing, pictures, videos, and photographs.


Repeat Spanish words and phrases in dialogue and songs. Recall one or more Spanish words or phases that were used five times.


Used to deliver educational content, pro-social messages, and higher-level Spanish. Clap to the beat or make movements to the rhythm and tempo of the music. Join in when other are singing and dancing.


Manage emotions by using strategies such as deep breathing, visual rehearsal, or positive self-talk to persevere. Establish emotional connections with others and relate emotionally to others (e.g. show empathy, keep promises).


Use advanced map skills (e.g. read or make maps, find routes or shortcuts, or use a compass).

Bodily Kinesthetic

Process sequential instructions of two or more steps. Use advanced gross motor skills (e.g. skip, gallop, balance, and throw overhand).
That by the way, was quoted from Dora and Friends curriculum, I did not make them up. LOL.

I would also like to share that I was thrilled to host at #DoraHouseParty where we get to watch the first two episodes of Dora and Friends. Also in the HouseParty package were snack cups, some really cool glasses, crayons, posters, character fans, coloring materials, balloons, leaflets and of course, a Fisher Price Dora and Friends doll! The kids surely had tons of fun! They enjoyed even more with the party kit that includes each of the item I mentioned. :)
If you visit Dora and Friends website, you can also get some printables like envelope, poster, bookmark and more! These sure will keep your kid busy the whole day!

I was not paid in anyway to do a review of the product/s or service/s mentioned above. I was given samples and but not for review. Everything was based on my honest opinion.


  1. a nice party pack for girls, i'm sure they'll have fun with the supplies too

  2. The only this I know about Dora is her bangs and her bag, lol... these stuff looks really great, your kids will enjoy this.

  3. those are cute party packs! My daughter used to be a Dora fan when she was she moved up to Hello!

  4. Very good theme for little girls, my daughter used to be a big fan of Dora.

    Ps. Taga Maryland ka pala sis?

  5. Dora, my niece fave. Ibang level na si Dora..with friends na. how I wish mabigyan ko siya comes her birthday.


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