July 25, 2015

Have You Tried A Natural Homemade Soap?

As a stay-at-home blogger mom, I started to realize that not all good things are branded. I have come to love new, not-so-popular (yet) and those which can't be bought in stores. Just like the birthday/baby shower present I received from a friend before I gave birth.
These soaps are, as you can see, natural and homemade. I love and appreciate how carefully they made these soaps. I love the intricate patterns which can really make a nice bath decor. And the scent, oh my goodness, I hope they linger forever and ever in the bathroom! LOL!

Luba's Naturals. That's one brand name I won't forget. I honestly do not know who Luba is, well first and foremost, I do not know if it's a who or what. Haha. But I just wanted to commend the person who did it for a job well done in making these soaps. I was just afraid to use the one with glitters on my body so I use it only for my hands.
Based on the items I received, I bet you can order customized soaps from Luba's Naturals. From the color, shape and even the scent. The blue heart-shaped "It's a boy" soap makes a great baby shower giveaway! I bet they have more shapes. The soaps can either be placed in a box or an organza bag. It all depends on what you like! Awesome, right? So if you have a pink bathroom, you can order that color and maybe a flower-scented soap.

As I said, I do not know anything about the brand but I did find it in Facebook! :) You can follow Luba's Naturals here. I just saw the glycerin soaps and they look really niceeee! Very artistic!

I was not paid to do a review of the product/s mentioned above. Everything was based on my honest opinion.

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