July 17, 2015

Join Dial Rewards For Prizes!

Have you heard about the newest and easiest rewards program?! It's the Dial Rewards! An easy and fun way to interact with the Dial brand, with a chance to win big prizes. As a member you win & gain points for participating in various monthly activities. It's so easy to signup, just visit the site or click any of the photo below. Once you've signup, they'll send an activation email (just like any other subscription mailing list) and once you've confirmed you are not a robot (LOL) then you're ready to get started! The site is very user-friendly - it's easy to understand, you won't get lost! :)
Click the Photo to Signup!

1) Daily Sign-In - 50 pts.
If you bookmark the site, you can do it everyday to get an easy 50 points! That's up to 1,550 points a month!
2) Watch a video - 500 pts.
Mostly their commercials, they're quite informative too.
3) Enter a Code - 500 pts.
This, I haven't tried, because I haven't seen a code yet. Most likely because they just launched the program. I know I got 50 pts though upon signing up. :) I read these codes will be coming from their newsletters, social media accounts or in store promotions. Speaking of which, you can follow them via Facebook or Twitter so you'll be updated.
4) Take a Survey - 1,000 pts.
Well, now it's doesn't really look like a survey to me. I was expecting more and longer series of questions but this is just the quickest survey ever - ONE QUESTION EACH?! And that's a lot of points! Yay!!!
5) Share with Friends - 2,000-6,000 pts.
That's 2,000 per friend who signs up via a unique invite, so please, use my link. I need three to get the maximum allowable points. :D
You can share links via Twitter and Facebook so your non-friends will learn about it too. :)
Click the Photo to Signup!SPEND YOUR POINTS
Right now, I have 7,050 points! Got them within a few minutes after signing up! Easy breezy, right? You can spend them to join sweepstakes and instant wins! You can choose among Home Depot, Gap, Home Furnishing, Panera, Golfsmith, Fashion Retailer and Amazon Gift Cards, or better yet, try your luck in the cash giveaway! Crossing my fingers! :)
Click the Photo to Signup!
Based on the list of winners, I think there's always a lucky person every hour! So what are you waiting for, there's no purchase necessary, signing up is FREE! :D

As a member of the Purex Insiders, I could potentially win a prize if you sign up thru my link. I was not paid to post this though and I did not receive any sample. Everything was based on my honest opinion.


  1. This is interesting. I like products that offers rewards program because you not only get to enjoy the product, but you get prizes as well.

  2. This is an awesome way to enjoy Dial more.


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