October 27, 2015

Why I Love Convertible Beds

You know how happy it feels when you feel like you saved a couple of bucks from using something old? I just got that feeling and I am really glad.

We have a convertible crib and my daughter has had it for years but never really used it as a baby. Now, we thought of setting it up again and tried using it as a toddler bed. This is a crib that has been recalled because of a drop-side issue. That's why I don't use it with my new baby. Anyway, it's fine with my toddler because she can already handle herself. We just had to put down the drop-side and use cable ties so she can hop in the bed. I like it because the sides work as a 'bed rail' so she won't fall, and again, we don't have to buy some railings which costs a minimum of $25. 
From baby crib to toddler bed!
We used the same mattress, some pillows and the only new ones where the pillowcases. We have old queen or regular sized pillows which are by the way, not fluffy anymore. LOL. She chose the princess pillowcase for it of course. 
Regular vs. Toddler Pillow
As for the smaller one, I never knew there's a toddler pillowcase! I was so eager to see one and good thing I got one as a sample for review. Thanks to Angel Direct Products! Since we don't have a toddler pillow, I just fold the other old regular pillow and it worked fine. It's actually better because it looked fluffy! What I like about this pillowcase is the thread count, it's 400 sateen weave! I always look for the number because there was a time I bought a 200 thread count sheet set on clearance and I tell you, it's not the best to sleep on. Since then, I always look at the numbers, the higher the better! It also machine-washable, it comes in different colors and the best thing is that it's Made in the USA.


  1. Angel Care products is one of a kind softness and surely you will like it too. It's my preferred sheets for my kids.

  2. I love them too, because they help save money. Convertible beds are awesome. I love this one!

  3. convertible furnitures can really help us to save money and space too

  4. This is just perfect to have. Careful lang sa railing ng crib. usually yan ang defect ng mga ganitong product.

  5. The crib that we had for our kids were also convertible but we gave it away to a relative.


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