September 6, 2012

Havana Road Cuban Cafe

Overall Rating: 2.5/5
Budget: $12-$25/person

There was an event happening on the other side of the street so the inside so we ended up dining in a less busy street. When we entered the restaurant, it was full and there was no free table except for the ones with stool type chairs, which we can't really use since we're with an infant. Good thing is they have like three other tables outside. So, we sat there and there was somebody who saw us who said she'll be with us in awhile. It was like 10 minutes later and still nobody was there to accommodate us. My husband said we better go inside if we really wanted to eat because we're hungry! Upon seeing some customers leave, we immediately went inside and stood behind the uncleaned table. The very same person who told us she'll "be there" [outside] bussed the table. I don't know if she recognized us  but she didn't apologize for the delay.

Calamari Fritos and Lechon Asado

Sanwish de Pescado Frito

For appetizer, we ordered Calamari Fritos, the taste is different than the rest of the calamari's I've ever tasted. I don't think it's worth the $9.00 for 10 pieces. I ordered Sanwish de Pescado Frito - a fish sandwich, and it was okay. My husband ordered Lechon Asado, he wasn't really a fan and he said it tasted like corned beef. But we liked the fried banana that came along with his order! I love that about Cuban food, and the sunny side up egg too. Oh, and our drinks, coconut water! I thought it's going to be refreshing since a glass costs only $2. But it tasted nothing more like water maybe because of too much ice. And just like the calamari, you'll be able to count the [coconut meat / pulp] pieces.

Generally, it's clean. Saw it myself when she bussed our table.

My husband saw they have a high chair and I didn't bother asking about a booster sit which you can't really use on the kind of chairs they have. Whichever, they didn't offer it too, seeing my little one's starting to "get busy". They do have coloring sheets and crayons but we were not given one. Maybe because we brought our own.

Customer Service
Unfortunately, they failed us here, if you read the introduction.

Having tried and tested it, are we going back? Definitely NEVER! It's one of those places I'd say once is enough. If we did get a great customer service, I can see myself with my girlfriends having a great night-out on the tables outside.

I was not compensated in anyway to do a review of the products or services mentioned this post.
Everything was based on my 100% honest opinion.


  1. yummy, Cuban food is great.Customer service is really important, they should know how to deal with customers.

  2. thats sad that they were not able to serve you better :| neve rtried cuban food but im curious how it tastes like :)
    The Bargain Doll

  3. Looks yummy, but I haven't tried Cuban food before.

    In every business, good customer service should be the top priority. It's sad when we are not treated the way we deserve.


  4. Great to know about it. At least now I know that there service is not good.

  5. Maybe because they are full that is why service was not good but that is not an excuse. Management should anticipate times like this and provide additional staff to sit customers. But looking at the photos hmmmmmm I'd better not try that place =)

  6. That happens sometimes when resto's are packed. The same incident happened to me and my hubby once here in BKK. Up to this day, we hadn't returned to that establishment; even if their foods were rather nice.

    1. IKR, I hope they realize they're losing money with unsatisfied customers. I honestly can imagine myself going back but not with that kind of treatment. :(


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