August 29, 2012

Breezy Point Seafood Company

Overall Rating: 4/5
Budget: $10-$18/person

Upon entering, I told myself, it really ain't breezy [literally speaking] at all, unless you dine at the tables they provide outside, which we didn't because it was kind of hot and our little one won't stop running in the parking area. The facade looks neat and there were 4 more groups who entered right after I placed our order. I guess they're regulars.

The menu is easy to understand for you'll need to choose from Entree, Sandwich or Sandwich with two sides. The selection of course are seafood and I bet that's why it took my husband like 10 minutes to figure out what he likes [because he likes them all]. I was able to choose almost in an instant, for the first time, because I love tuna! There's an option on how you want it done - grilled, broiled or fried. I got broiled tuna with 2 sides and I love it! The tuna is well-cooked with just the right texture. You'll see a bit of the pinkness in the middle and it really looked good! I wasn't expecting to love the sides too. The vegetable ingredients of the coleslaw were cut smaller than the other restaurant's preparation, which I really like. Also, it doesn't have much mayo so it didn't look yucky.  As for the fries, you might think it's usual, but no. I normally don't finish my fries, but it was the crunchiness in addition to the slightly sprinkled Old Bay [I guess] which makes it good. I also discovered it tastes even better if you dip it in their Spicy Thai sauce rather than ketchup. 

My husband ordered lemon pepper salmon with seasoned rice and salad. I tasted them too and I liked it as much as he does. He won't go away without a crab cake so he shared it with our 16-month old. Who says kids don't like seafood? That ain't true!

If I'm going to rate it, I'll give it 4.5 just because I saw some smudges on the table. The others were clean but I don't know why I opted to stay there. Anyway, it is clean in general. I even let my little one sit on the floor for I saw neither crumbs nor sauces. See the photo below to see how well-arranged, should I say maintained, the condiments bar is.

Kid-Friendliness I am not really not sure if they have a highchair or booster seat because I didn't see one. I let my little one sit on a regular chair with our guidance of course. I will send them an email and I'll let you know. Else, if they read this post, I hope they a comment below.

Customer Service
It was so-so, nothing great, nothing bad. Though I thought the person on the cashier was not so welcoming, I mean no smiles at all?

Complimentary Stuff
Free Parking
Sauces on the condiments bar.

So, having tried and tested it, are we going back? I forgot to try the crab soup and I'd like to know how their tilapia tastes so possibly, but not soon.

I was not compensated in anyway to do a review of the products or services mentioned this post.
Everything was based on my 100% honest opinion.

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