October 3, 2013

Let's Put Dawn To Test!

I cook almost everyday though I'd say I am not much of a chef. I love cooking with sauces because they are my favorite. But whenever I am in a hurry, I fry! And when I fry, it's always a disaster, from oil spills to, oh wait... Look at that picture below! That's it! That's the main problem! I always soak my pans whenever it comes to that point. I use the regular dish detergent and sometimes add water, just because I am being frugal. LOL.

I got some Dawn Power Clean samples when I redeemed a reward from Pampers. I was actually surprised they put some other P&G samples there too. They're like freebies. I knew I was going use it really soon. I kept them near the sink so I won't forget. And just last night, I was finally able to try it. It says it works like an overnight soak in 5 minutes. So that's what I exactly did. I put the detergent, soaked for 5 minutes and then I started washing.

It was really quick! Now, I don't need to leave my pots and pans (which by the way may attract roaches and flies) in the sink overnight. Here's the end-result! Kind of powerful, ain't it? :)

So having tried and tested it, will I use it again? Let's just say I just wished they gave me a full bottle. I think it's a fairly new product and I love it already. I am so excited to find them in stores. :)
I was not compensated in anyway to do a review of the products or services mentioned this post. I was given the samples without having to do anything in return. Everything was based on my 100% honest opinion.

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