October 1, 2013

Baking Tip 2

Since I started baking, I came accross several recipes which I considered my favorite and I swear I have been using them until this moment. I have also tried those that come in a box but "from scratch" is my favorite.

With regards to the outcome, I sometimes get a good one, though there are times it's the other way around. I got one really moist carrot cake once and when I did it again, the texture was different. The latter was rather dry and I saw a few uncooked or raw crumbs of flour. So I wondered, how come it was perfect the first time but then a disaster on the next? Then I tried for the third time and noticed how I measure the ingredients. Problem identified!

The solution is to just simply FOLLOW THE RECIPE. especially if you are not yet an outstanding baker. I know there will come a time where I can make my own recipe, but for now, I'll settle for the tried and tested already.

Sometime next week, I'll be trying a few recipes from a website. I will surely follow the instructions carefully. Tee-hee!

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