December 12, 2013

Easy Breezy Oven-Ready Turkey

I hosted the recent Thanksgiving party at home and I should say it was easy breezy because I found Jennie-O turkey which can be prepared with no hassle! Why? Because it's oven-ready! I didn't really know how to cook a whole turkey so I thought of serving it in a different way.
I bought two kinds of turkey in "loaf" - one white and one white & dark. There's really not much when it comes to taste, both appeared to be soft but not saggy and you'll see the meat was processed perfectly because it's "full" or "packed", unlike the others where you'll see bubbles in the meat itself. One more thing, there's no need to buy gravy because it's already included in the pan (and by the way, the pan is included too!)! And the serving is generous! It is normally sold at $599 at Safeway but I bought it on sale for $4.99 each. Really not bad with everything in it.
In the box, there were recipe and serving suggestions. I didn't add anything so I'd know the real taste. Besides, there's really no need to put or mix it with anything because it was already good on it's own.

I tried to follow the instruction written on the box, and that is to bake it well-done at 165 F. It took me 3.5hrs to bake both because I wanted to make sure they are well well well done and since they were still frozen when I popped them in the oven! Tee-hee! I served it in a flower-like presentation and didn't tell my guests it's turkey until they put some on their plate. I just told them it was meatloaf, which was true, and they were surprised when I announced that it's turkey. Hahaha! This serving is one loaf, I had two of the same presentation. :)


So, having tried and tested it, am I going to get some! Yes, and I am going to try to put the meat in a salad, cubed! Or I can just try some other Jennie-O products.

I was given free coupons to try Jennie-O Oven-Ready Turkey but ended up buying the products mentioned above. Everything was based on my 100% honest opinion.

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