May 11, 2014

My Family's New Natural (Non-GMO) Spread!

With all the issues arising from spreads (butter/margarine) containing GMO's, I have been really careful in choosing what I feed my family. I thought it'll be hard to find a brand I'll trust, but not really. Just a few weeks ago, I was introduced to Earth Balance, which is a totally new brand for me. From the first time my husband tasted their Buttery Spread - Original flavor, he liked it already. He said it is indeed surprising to know that a plant-based product could not taste like a plant. LOL!
My husband's new favorite spread.

But seriously, this rich creamy buttery plant-based spread has a lot more advantage compared to others because of the following facts:
  • 78% Natural Oils - Free of hydrogenated oils, zero grams of trans fat
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Expeller-Pressed Oil
  • Lactose-Free
  • Excellent source of ALA Omega-3
Just last week, I spotted the same product, only a different flavor at a friend's place! I'd say most of the products they buy are natural, GMO-free and/or organic. And I really am starting to do the same, because I noticed they don't really taste as bad as it sound. Healthy doesn't really mean tasteless (as I thought it was) and Earth Balance has proven it.
Spotted at a friend's fridge!
Anyway, there are also other ways to enjoy Earth Balance Buttery Spreads, like in frying, sauteeing and baking. Here's a complete list of the flavors they offer and if you click the photo, you'll find the other Earth Balance products you can enjoy!

I got a chance to share the product/s mentioned above by being a Mom's Meet mom ambassador. I was not required to post a review of it/them. This review was based on my own opinion.


  1. i love plant-based products too! nothing beats au naturel. :)

  2. I wish we have this brand here in the Philippines. I also like to try their nut butters. :)

  3. A very healthy spread indeed. Hope meron din nyan dito sa Pinas.

  4. looking for healthy spread and somewhat organic is very pricey nowadays..good thing there is product like this. yummy!

  5. Nothing can compare products that are Non-GMO and made from natural/organic ingredients. It can be costly but healthier.

  6. I like butter spread! I think Earth balance really says this product is natural.

  7. Sis,
    You are like my husband's eldest daughter :-) She is a health freak ;) but I really like it because it is great for our health to know all these products like the Non-GMO spread that you used :-)

  8. Non GMO is what we always look when buying foodies. The Earth Balance butter product seems a good one to try.


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