May 14, 2014

Turkey Spaghetti and A Mexican Treat!

I was never used to eating turkey but I made a switch a few months ago after discovering ways on how to incorporate them in our regular family meals. I have other ground turkey recipes in my previous post and now I continue to think of ways to cook it.

My daughter loves spaghetti and that's when I thought of using Jennie-O Lean Ground turkey as part of the sauce. I must admit it is a bit bland than beef or pork meats (possibly because they made it lean and there's also extra lean) but hey, I can always add more spices. After that, there's no telling what it is! Seriously. There's no smell, if you ought to think about it. Look how tempting it was!

For the last Cinco de Mayo, we had a mini-celebration with a few close friends. I thought that would be the perfect time to use Jennie-O Taco Seasoned Ground Turkey. Honestly, I was surprised they have flavored turkey too! I think my husband was more excited than I was to try using it for the first time! He was even the one who prepared our tortilla. He just sauteed the Taco Seasoned Turkey with very little olive oil (you bet you can use any other kind of oil) and some fresh minced garlic.
I have to tell, I really don't like burritos, tacos or tortillas, but this was really really really good (I rarely say a "really" thrice)! I am not kidding, after one bite I knew I would be getting another one!!! I didn't even have to ask my friends how they liked it, one of them told me it was really tempting! The other said it tastes like the ones you order at Chipotle! Geeee! Now I know what to serve a big group next time. Those ingredients can feed more than a dozen and it's not really expensive to make! You'll even save time because it's also seasoned and the other ingredients are easy to find.

After all this, I can share 4 reasons why you can switch to turkey just like I did:
1) IT'S DELICIOUS - The tender, juicy and mouthwatering flavor of turkey is hard to resist. Jennie-O products make it easy to create satisfying meals you family will love.
2) YOU CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT - It's easy to eat well without sacrificing the taste. This delicious, smart and versatile protein works great in recipes that typically call for ground beef.
3) IT'S EASY TO FIND - I buy mine at Target, Safeway and Weis at their refrigerated section. Look for Jennie-O Lean Ground Turkey in convenient pre-seasoned Italian and Taco varieties for quick and simple meals.
4) IT'S VERSATILE - If you can make it with ground beef, you can make it with ground turkey! That simple!

For more recipes and a list of their products, visit, You'll be surprised how much you can make with turkey!

Now, the most amazing part of this post... Just so I can prove what I told you about Jennie-O turkey is, they are sponsoring a $20 worth of Jennie-O products! Only one lucky winner will be chosen. Join now! Good luck!
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I was given samples to review but everything was based on my honest opinion. 


  1. I tried their turkey and it is very delicious and also the pork tenderloin :-)

  2. Wow, I have never tried cooking any kind of dish with turkey, looks delish!

  3. I know one restaurant here in CDO serving turkey bbq and the spicy one or with chili sauce. Yeah, turkey's meat is tender and good...

  4. Oh-oh, I'm on a diet and your post makes me drooool.

  5. i love tacos and burritos, but i make fish taco or fish burrito, or simply vegetable burrito, and I eat guacamole almost everyday :) though i just make my own which am sure is very bland, haha! if i am fond of meat, i'll try turkey, however, since am not, i still enjoy taco and burrito just using beans :)

  6. I love hard taco and guacamole with sour cream! I often used Turkey in substitute with beef or pork to any of my home cook dish that requires meat. Never tried the Jeenie -O brand yet is this organic products? just curious.. Your tacos looks delicious!

  7. I'm not really fond of turkey meat, but I heard a lot of good benefits from it. The spag looks good though.

  8. mmm the avocado turkey burger recipe for me

  9. Tacos, this i have tried but turkey dish, not yet. Masarap ba?

    1. Yes, papaleng! Yung ground turkey tastes just like ground beef. :)

  10. I want to try the recipe for the chunky santa fe turkey tacos.

  11. nice.. never tried turkey for spaghetti and on soft taco, but will going to consider one because of your good review.

  12. i am not so much a fan of turkey dish but i love tacos and burritos!

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