June 16, 2014

Classy, Strong, Eco-friendly and Made in USA Plates, Cups and more!

I love hosting parties but I haven't any compliment from using plates, cutlery, cups, etc. I guess not after using Chinet Square plates! These white square plates will surely catch the attention of your guests. Why? Besides the fact that they are eco-friendly, they are also made here in the USA! Guess that's the first time you've seen one 'eh? A premium product you just got to love! More reviews below...

1) Chinet Tablecover - It was actually a rectangular one but I just cut it to fit my 60-inch round table. As you can see, there's still an excess I can use for the next time. The tablecover looks like it was made of thick kind of paper towel or tissue that has a soft feel. The other side of it was has like a thin plastic for protection. We have a wooden table and I surely wouldn't want to get it wet so I thought that idea was brilliant. I have never seen a white disposable table cover this nice, though I wanted to have it ironed just so I won't see the fold-marks. ;) I have OCD sorry. LOL!
 2) Chinet Square Dinner and Dessert Plates - I heard lots of "nice" words from my guests. "This is a nice plate", "Oh they're nice!", "Nice one!". I have to say it again, they really are n-i-c-e! It doesn't just give that classy look on your table but they are also strong. So strong I can put a soup on it. Ha! Just exaggerating! But seriously though, they're one of the toughest plates I now trust. To those who are wondering about the lunch plates, I don't think they have a white square version of it. If they ever will produce it, the size will be smaller than the dinner plate but larger than the dessert plate of course.
3) Chinet Dinner Napkins - They are thick but not as strong as I expected. They are sure soft and perfect to wipe your mouth after eating or wipe your cutlery before using them, but if you are going to use it to dry your hands after washing, some of it will stick to your hands. It'll be easy to remove though.

4) Chinet Cut Crystal Cutlery - These are also strong, unlike others, they won't easily break if you try to cut some meat. As to the design, nothing extravagant.
5) Chinet Cut Crystal Cup - These plastic 14oz cups look so classy that they actually look better than some glass cups. Most of my guests thought it's a reusable plastic cup because it's something they can't easily squish (else it would break). I would have saved it for the next event if I chose to, but of course, I didn't. I just had an issue with a broken cup though (look at the photo on the right), these cups break like glass so some pieces of it were so small I had a hard time removing them from the affected cups. I had to washed and carefully check one of each if there's no residue of plastic which my guests might eat/drink. Else, it would have been perfect!
After testing the products above, I know now what to buy for my next event. My other set of friends will be thrilled with the premium products I use. :)

I was not paid in anyway to do a review of the products mentioned above. I was given the opportunity to sample the products with my friends via HouseParty. Everything was based on my 100% honest opinion. 


  1. I haven't tried this brand yet but then again I seldom buy disposables. Will keep this in mind when I need some though.

  2. I like crystal cups, too. But they usually cost a bit more. Hope these ones aren't too expensive.

  3. I've been eyeing them at Costco but have always hesitated because of the price. They do command a premium price and I can see why now. If the price is right and I have a coupon, I might try these someday.

  4. I love this brand they have almost everything that you need for a party.

  5. Seems a good product to try. But baka pricy naman ito.

  6. Awww! Looks like they are durable products to use especially serving at the party Sis :-) I am not sure if I buy them before or not :-)

  7. It looks like party time will be so much more exciting with this eco-friendly products. I wonder if Chinet is available here in the Philippines.

  8. The tablecover indeed looks like a paper. They look like a high quality product! :)


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