June 16, 2014

Coconut Coffee and Ice Cream

Summer will officially start in less than a week and I bet you can already feel the warmth of the scorching sun! Haven't turned the AC yet because we have a home improvement project going on and the vents have not been cleaned. Anyway, this makes me want to snack on cold food and drinks. I can't think of anything but ice cream and cold coffee. And I found some organic ones!

It's my first time to try a vanilla ice cream with soy as milk. Well, what can I say, SO Delicious Soymilk Vanilla Ice Cream's taste is something I have never tasted before. I imagined it'll be sweet just like soy milk, but somehow it's not. Yes, it has that creamy taste but it lacks sweetness. So I had to add some caramel bits and also some chocolate morsels. My 3-year old did not like the taste but my husband was able to manage with the add-on treats.

Now, to the next cold treat! I guess me and my husband have extremely different taste buds. He was the first to So Delicious Cococcino and he said he can taste the coconut more than the coffee itself. So I tried it myself and I thought, no not really, it was a good coffee! (You should know I was once a barista.) Cappuccino's have foam but this one doesn't. To me it doesn't matter as long as it is delicious! This single pack Cococcino has a resealable cap so you can bring it along for a walk, put it in you bag and it still won't spill. For me, it's best with crushed iced. I love drinking it as a snack. It's refreshing! I wasn't able to try but I bet it'll be a great smoothie, with some chocolate shavings on top. Oooh!
SO Delicious products are organic, dairy-free and most of all Fair Trade. I love that these products are Fair Trade because every time I purchase those products, I know I am helping farmers get fair share from doing the hard work.

I was not paid in anyway to do a review of the products mentioned above. I was given samples to try but everything was based on my 100% honest opinion.


  1. Sounds delicious! I have never tried this before.

  2. I grew up in an Ice Cream factory but this is the first time to hear about these flavors. Seems yummy talaga.

  3. Wow. Another taste bud adventure. First time I heard of this product! Coconuts are good and very versatile. We have an ice cream store about 2 blocks from my house that uses coconut cream instead of milk. No difference in taste! Velvety and yummy.

  4. Got to tell you that I have not tried soy milk. Just happy I have no milk allergies so have not ventured in that area. I think it would taste good but needs some getting used to. I would also prefer the standard cappuccino. Love coconut fresh but not in any other drink. Thanks for the review and your honest feedback!

  5. My kitchen is a haven of So Delicious products. Since I discovered it almost 3 years ago, they've been a staple :-)

  6. i love flavored coffee especially the cappucino....coconut coffee is new to me, a must try for me if ever we encounter in the future :)


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