July 22, 2014

Amy's Takes You Around the World!

If you love to travel but don't have time nor resources to do so, let Amy's take you around the globe, at least with food. You know how it's possible? They have a lot of food options from different parts of the world from Thailand, India, Mexico and different states of the US!
Amy's have a wide range of products and I chose to get some family size meals so my loved ones can try them too. They have at least six family size meals to choose from and I get to try three. The instructions said to cut open the plastic cover, but my box has somehow been pre-thawed because it took me 4 hours to go home after getting it from the store. LOL! So I decided to put it in the microwave for only 10 minutes (instead of the original 17 minutes) and it was ready by then.
That was the first time I tried Mexican Casserole and I thought it was good! The corn and the beans did not sag after I put them in the microwave. The corn specifically was tasty on it's own and still crunchy. It was like a delicious home-cooked meal prepared only with organic ingredients.

I love curries but I haven't tasted the Thai version. When I saw this flavor, I took it without second thoughts! I was so excited to serve it for dinner yesterday. I used the microwave for the Mexican Casserole so I thought of using the conventional oven for this one. It was rather long because you have to bake it at 375F.
Amy's Thai Red Curry
Well, what can I say, I definitely love the tofu. I read they make their own so it's definitely made from natural and organic ingredients too! I'd say I prefer the curry I am used to, I guess that the Indian recipe. My husband thought Amy's Thai Red Curry was good though.

I was not able to find a family size meal from other countries but I saw they have a lot more option with bowls which is good for one person. You'll see flavors from more countries in Asian, America, India, etc. :) Anyway, the third Amy's product I was able to try is Amy's Cheese Enchilada. It says it's made of organic corn and tomato, I can definitely see and taste the tomato but not the corn. The corn must have been mashed and to serve as a 'filling' together with the rest of the ingredients. The tomato tastes different though, it doesn't taste like the tomato sauces from cans nor boxes, it taste a lot more like real tomato! If you know what I mean. ;)
You can top it with fresh cheese of any flavor, I added some shredded jalapeno on mine. :)
As you can see in the box, they only showed two pieces of enchilada, so when I opened it, I was expecting like two huge pieces. LOL! Anyway, good thing they have like six smaller ones like about 5 or 6 inches each. Great for the whole family indeed!

To know more about Amy's products, visit their website, Facebook page, Twitter account or Youtube channel. By the way, I bought the Amy's products I reviewed at Target and Safeway, you can also find a store near you so you to try them.

I was not paid to do this post. I was given coupons to try any Amy's product but was not required to do an online review of those items. Everything was based on my honest opinion and experience in using the products.


  1. Will check the link kung san available. Looks fresh and yummy kahit packed

  2. Ooohh, I like! Everything looks yummy and so convenient.

  3. Yah right, it looks yummy and i am now hungry.. hehe!,

  4. YES! That;s a great idea. wish may ganyan din dito sa Pinas.

  5. I would really want to have more of those microwave dinners here. The ones you tried looked so yummy.. and to think I could have dinner is 17 minutes? wow. The mexican enchilada looks great! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow, this is something I would love to try! I love the look of the enchalada!

  7. looks very yumm! living in malaysia and singapore gave me the chance to eat foods from different countries

  8. Wow, I am so hungry right now! I could imagine how those Mexican food tastes like.

  9. Will also be on the look out for coupons. It's worth trying because there are a few occasions that I don't feel like making dinner and hubby is tired of left overs (pangat!), this looks quick to heat up.

  10. Everything looks inviting, and I like the fact that they offer family-sized meals.


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