July 1, 2014

Delicious Non-GMO and USDA Organic Cereals

Since my daughter was born, I became extra careful when feeding her. It scares me now-a-days because almost everything is manufactured with chemicals. I am so glad that natural and organic foods are making it's way back to the grocery aisles!
Speaking of grocery aisles, I was able to find a cereal at Food Lion - Barbara's Organic Snackimals cereals! I was with my 3-year old and she got really excited upon seeing the animals. She pointed at the Panda and said, "I want that Teddy Bear!". LOL! Then she saw the other box and said, "Oh no, I want the Fox!", "Oh no, no, no, I want that one, what's that one?". It was a tiger, she might have thought it was a cat. Ha!

Barbara's Snackimal Cereals come in three different flavors - Cinnamon Crunch, Vanilla Blast and Chocolate Crisp. Before sharing them with my daughter's friends, we had to taste them first. So one breakfast, we decided to try each flavor. I tried to take a picture before pouring the milk so you'd see the difference in color and possibly the shape of the cereals (though it's kind of hard to focus on the shape using my camera).
I was surprised a 17-year old girl founded this delicious lineup of organic cereals! I am not a fan of cereals, I buy them only for my daughter. I guess this is the first time I actually liked a "puffed" one. Well it's like semi-puffed because when you bite it, it's crunchy but it's not as soft like the cheesy junk foods. Vanilla Blast is my favorite, I can even eat it on it's own. My daughter likes Chocolate Crisp which is not a surprise. My husband, doesn't really have to choose because he likes all the flavor! LOL! Maybe I should serve him Barbara's Organic Snackimals cereals again tomorrow. Haha!

By the way, I read the labels before opening the boxes and I was surprised to know that besides the healthy stuff they offer:

  • Only 7g sugar and 8g whole grains
  • Good source of Calcium and fiber
  • Non-GMO
  • USDA Organic
  • The carton is made from 100% recycled materials
  • Rainforest Alliance certified

Barbara's also give back to the society by helping non-profit organizations like National Audubon Society's Project Puffin.

Those are not the only products they offer. You can learn more about Barbara's via their website, Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram account or Pinterest boards.

I was not required nor compensated in any way to do a review of the product/s mentioned above. I applied via Mom's Meet for a chance to share the product with my friends. Everything was based on my 100% honest opinion.


  1. JUst like you, I am not fond of cereal myself but there is one cereal that I like. We have never tried this brand before.

  2. Anything organic is good for our health. seems a good product to try.

  3. My family is not big on cereals, but this product looks interesting because it is organic and low in sugar content. Its best to give growing children more healthy, less sugar-laden food.

  4. wow, this is definitely worth trying...thanks for sharing! I'm not fan of cereal but daughter loves eating it for breakfast.

  5. Wow! Sounds like the healthiest cereal there is out there! A must-try, definitely! I only have Cheerios and Corn flakes here in my breakfast pantry..

  6. It's a product line worth trying! The kids will love it, without doubt.


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