July 1, 2014

You Wouldn't Believe What Kind of Frankfurters These Are!

You don't have to make guest-entertaining tedious, especially this summer. If you are thinking what backyard foods to serve, try franks! Kids love them and adults too! You can put it in a bun, saute it with tomatoes or just grill-and-serve. They can also be cooked in different ways - fried, oven-baked and grilled. Let's try these three different ways and see!
The Uncured Turkey Franks were a hit when I tried to serve it as an appetizer during one of our picnics. I wouldn't have actually noticed they liked it until one of my friends said, "The franks taste good, what brand is this?". Franks taste almost the same no matter what kind (maybe because they look the same? :P). So I was extremely surprised with her comment. At first, I didn't tell them it was turkey because they might hesitate (especially those who are not used to it) so I waited until they finished the whole thing! LOL! When I finally told my friends, most of them were surprised to know it's turkey. Just like my experience, I wouldn't have known and liked if I didn't try.
I was not able to take a photo of the (cooked) Jennie-O Bun Length franks because my husband fried them (there's 4 in every pack) and ate everything in one sitting! As it is! No condiments, just rice! Oh, I can't imagine how fast he did it but he said it was really good so he ate everything! What he likes the most is it's not salty compared to other franks. While eating, he also shared that he talked about Jennie-O with his co-workers and one of them said his family already made a switch to turkey because his wife loved the taste of Jennie-O. It was not really a surprise because once you've tried it, I'm certain you'll like it. Happened to me. ;)
Summer = Grilling Season, nobody would disagree. But for us, it's not all about pork or chicken barbecue. It's also franks, turkey and Jennie-O! Okay that's all the same thing. LOL. The photos below showcases Jennie-O's Jalapeno Jack. Same lean and no preservatives franks. I got the very first one we cooked and it was freshly removed from the grill when I tried to put it in my mouth. It was super hot and I immediately smelled the jalapeno. I thought it is going to be really really spicy, but no, which I guess was a good thing. It was tolerable, there's no need to have a glass of water beside you! Don't just try to give it to your kids. :) Again, you'll see the proof that he now ate three of them!!! Since I started eating mine until I finished eating it, I didn't know he was doing the same thing, only he was able to finish three!
I'd say it really is surprising to see that there's not much difference in taste and texture (at least for franks) compared to chicken or beef. You won't find any odd taste or smell. As I mentioned awhile ago, Jennie-O franks are just lean and they do not contain preservatives like nitrate or nitrite. What a relief, right? Well, it's also nice to know Jennie-O offers flavored and non-flavored franks to accommodate people's preferences on how to eat them.

If you'd like to know more about Jennie-O, visit their website, Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram profile. If you'd like to know where to find them, click here. I've seen some Jennie-O products at Weis and Safeway, they've got a variety at Target. :)

I was not paid to do a review of this post. I was given free samples to test the products. Everything was based on my 100% honest opinion.


  1. It's the brand that we buy. Hubby and son are the only ones who like hotdogs here but I love your idea of frying them and putting some cheese on top! Sometimes, I make bacon wrapped hotdog, it's pretty good too.

  2. Grilled! I love the smokey taste

  3. I'm no fan of Frnaks but this product seems okay for those who loves Frankfurters. Hanggang hotdog lang ako.

  4. I don't remember trying out Jenny-O, we might have to someday. I like turkey and chicken franks, I personally think they are less salty compared to the beef franks that we buy. I can relate to your hubby eating hotdogs with rice. Sometimes when I crave Pinoy food and there's none, I eat hotdogs with rice. LOL!

  5. I honestly have not heard of this brand before...it looks worth trying though...thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh, what a coincidence!! I just cooked Hungarian sausage for breakfast, this one looks good to eat too!

  7. Nice to know that you found a brand that you really like! Here in the Philippines, we have a local brand of turkey franks that we keep on buying. It's delicious like Jennie-O!

  8. Wow! Looks great. I wanna taste them! :D


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