September 11, 2014

Baking with USDA Organic Seal Whole Wheat Flour

I got nothing to do on a lazy rainy Thursday morning and I realized we don't have bread at home. What better thing to do than bake? I bought blueberries yesterday because I remembered it's best for kids' brain development. I was afraid my daughter won't eat it as it is anymore so I decided to conceal it in a bread. I searched online for blueberry cake recipes and I went to the site I've been using for awhile. I trust AllRecipes too because I see a lot of reviews and it's rated by stars so I won't have a hard time choosing what has been tried and tasted!
Today is special because I am going to try a new brand, King Arthur Flour. I have tried another brand of whole wheat flour before and I swear I didn't like the end-result. With King Arthur Flour, I was in high hopes in getting a better result and it didn't fail me. I have a few reasons why I like King Arthur Flour brand:
1) It's 100% organic, 100% wheat. No other unwanted ingredients for you to take!
2) They offer unbleached white whole wheat flour. It's pure and untouched.
3) It's milled in the USA. I actually do not care where just as long as it says where it came from. It's important because each country has its own food regulation thing and US is among my trusted ones.
Now, the verdict. According to mom, she thought it was great. She specially liked the icing because it's sweet and it balances the overall taste of the blueberry cake. She said that the cake on it's own was a bit bland (she has a real sweet tooth). I expected it blueberries are kind of sour in nature (specially when my mom over-crushed it). Next time, I'll omit the salt.
I tasted it too and thought it was okay. I can feel the wheat crumbs with gives it a different feel in the tongue. There's no real issue compared with all purpose flour at all.

The funny part is, my daughter didn't really tried the blueberry cake, she got more interested in eating the blueberries lying on the plate. LOL! I guess she'll have it tonight. I have to try more baking goods with fruits and vegetables! And I'll for sure use the same King Arthur Flour organic whole wheat! My mom finished her share though so I thought it was acceptable!

I was not paid in any way to do a review of the product/s mentioned above. I was given a flour sample to facilitate my review but the rest came from my own pocket. Everything was based on my honest opinion of the product.


  1. it's nice to learn a good wheat flour to use when baking, i'll definitely going to try this one.

  2. The cake looked delicious though and I happen to love blueberries too! Maybe this will be a hit for me. :D

  3. I like buying organic product. I usually buy wheat bread or any wheat products for my pantry. I think it is more healthy.

  4. I just ate and ready for a sweet treat, can I have a slice please? Looks delicious!

  5. I like the way you presented the cake, looks yummy indeed :)

  6. This recipe looks amazing!! I'll have to try this! :)

  7. That recipe looks delicious! (minus the gluten! lol I have celiac disease!) When I was able to eat gluten this is definitely a product I would have gravitated towards! I like that it contains no extras!

  8. Organics are definitely the way to go. Greacle!t Arti

  9. This looks very appetizing. my daughter loves blueberries so i'll have to give this a try!

  10. Thanks for the new discovery! I will definitely have to look this up. - Heather, Life of a Traveling Navy Wife


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