September 2, 2014

Giveaway: Chewy Non-GMO and Gluten-Free Candies

I just got to tell everyone that I found my new favorite candies, actually not just me but my husband, daughter and mom too! I love the fact that it's GMO-free so I can allow my daughter to eat them too. For those of you who are into gluten-free diet, this is perfect for you too. Five out of six flavors are not as sweet as the regular candies, yes, impossible but true! Even my husband noticed it. Sharing more details below so read on. ;)
1. Superfruit Chews
Lovely Candy Co. offers two delicious fruit packs! Which by the way my daughter loves so much. The first is the Superfruit Pack which comes in blueberry, raspberry and cranberry flavors. Unlike the other similar chewy candies, this one is not as sweet! I swear it really tastes like real fruit and as you can see in the photo below, it even have seeds and crushed fruits.
2. Fruit Chews
This pack is also made with all natural real fruit. Very much alike with the Superfruit Chews above, with the same shape and packaging. The only difference is the flavor, this pack come in apple, cherry and blackberry.
3. Raspberry Fudge Rolls
I haven't tried raspberries ever, okay, maybe once which I forgot when, but I do not really like it. So, I bought this pack at a friend's house whom I know really love raspberries (and who are into gmo-free, gluten-free, natural stuff). When I arrived at their home, I opened like 3 pieces immediately so we can sample it. They of course loved it, especially when it was covered with chocolate. I ate one myself. And I really really loved it! This became my favorite flavor and now there's nothing left in the bag. LOL. I ate every single piece of what was left. I guess I finished more than a dozen in one sitting. ;) I love that it's not that sweet and the (very) subtle hint of sourness. I think I can now eat the real fruit itself.
4. Chocolaty Fudge Rolls
You'd think this is the sweetest due to the fact that it's chocolate, but no. I ate six pieces in less than 5 minutes and I didn't even need a glass of water. LOL! The inside part is more like a ganache, with rich, soft yet smooth feel. I think this everyone will like this Chocolaty Fudge Rolls!
5. Chewy Original Caramels
My husband loves caramel so he opened this pack first. He liked it so much that I was only able to taste one (good thing I was able to get a piece). He even brought tit to his office. I told him to share with his colleagues but I am not sure if he will or he did. He'll fight for the last piece. LOL!
6. Chocolate Swirl Caramels
Now among all the flavors, this I think is the sweetest! Chocolate and caramel is always a great combination. I actually like the swirl, I think it would be perfect to serve during playdates. I can imagine opening each and arranging them in the same swirly thing on a white plate. I bet it'll look tempting. I'll save the rest a get-together next week. :)
Now for the really sweet part, you can get a chance to sample the same (really really delicious) Lovely Candy Co. flavors I tasted. Enter via the Rafflecopter link below for a chance. Good luck!
I was not paid in any way to do a review of the product/s mentioned above. I was given samples to facilitate my review. Everything was based on my honest opinion of the product/s.


  1. Thanks for sharing.:) I love gluten free treats; especially healthy ones.

  2. These gluten free chewy candies are what I'm looking for. Healthier options prevail now in our home as we're trying to live a healthier life.

  3. I love the fudgee roll they have...they are good

  4. As always, loved the chewy caramels....great taste.

  5. I would love to try the Chocolate Swirl Caramels. It's like a package of my favorite flavors!

  6. I like fruit candies because the sour taste keeps one awake.

  7. Thank you for sharing this giveaway. They all look delicious but the Chocolate Swirl Caramels sounds heavenly. If I'm the lucky winner, it will be the first one I try. Yummy.

  8. Nice variety of flavors. I am not fond of candies but once in a while I do want some, I might check this out in the store.

  9. That Superfruits Chew is something my apo would love. The three flavors is just perfect for his taste.

  10. Superfruit chews....they sound like non-junky Starbursts!

  11. Thanks for the chance to win these yummies.

  12. I have heard how healthy gluten-free food is but have yet to try any dish that is gluten-free.

  13. Oh wow! What a nice giveaway! :) I will try my luck here. Hehehe

  14. chocolate swirl caramel...anything with caramel in it is my weakness!


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