September 15, 2014

Salad Creations - Share Some Goodness

Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Budget: $9-$12/person
Where It's At: 7006 Town Center Drive, Newport News, VA 23606 | (757) 596-1011
We needed a place to eat from a long road trip. We got so tired of eating junk foods along the way so we thought of finding a healthier meal. Good thing we found Salad Creations in Newport News, Virginia, thanks to our GPS. We noticed it's located near some residential areas, probably because there's a university nearby and you'll know because there are students walking even at 9 in the evening. 
Anyway, so they also have this "Pick 2" thing just like in Panera Bread. The difference is you get a lot more salad options with Salad Creations. Also, most of the meals they offer are home-made and the soups are all gluten-free.

Spicy Southwest Panini and Greekalicious Salad
That was my husband's order. There was an ingredient missing for the Greekalicious Salad so he was asked to choose another. I just wondered why they don't have it if it was a key ingredient to an item in their menu.
Spicy Southwest Chicken Sandwich and Home Made She Crab Soup 

I order the spicy Southwest Chicken but I thought it wasn't spicy. The corn was good though, but I wish they added a few extra ingredients to make it tastier, I thought it was a bit (just a bit) bland. The soup was okay, though there was one ingredient (I particularly do not now it and that's the only ingredient I dislike being mixed with soup) I didn't like. I'm guessing it the brown-orange powder thing?
The Wedge Salad and Home Made She Crab Soup

 I chose this order for my mom. We had the same soup and she was okay with it. She liked the crunchy stuff on top her salad but she had to ask for more dressing because it wasn't enough.
Soup crackers available whenever you like. 

If you look at the photo above, it's basically clean. What I didn't like was the annoucement or labels printed on neon papers. Those trays too were not full. 
I just have to add that their bathroom is well-maintained! :)

They have limited options for kids meal but at least they have them. I forgot how much it was, either $4.99 or $5.99 and it comes with drink (there's milk too) and snack. We ordered mac & cheese because it's what my daughter often eats when we dine out. This time, she only tasted it and didn't finish everything. My husband had to finish the rest so it won't go to waste. But guess what, he loved it because he thought it was home-made and he even guessed they used goat cheese. It's the most unusual mac&cheese he's ever had. I tasted it too but I guess it's not for me either. :P
Other snack options.
Customer Service
I'd say there were better than the average. Since they don't have much guests that time, they managed to go directly to our table to deliver the food, instead of us waiting in line or getting them on our own. They even asked if we needed anything else.

Complimentary Stuff
Free parking. I just not sure if it ever goes full because there's a bar adjacent to it and other food stalls.
As shown above, the condiments area is open and there's an easy access to the soup crackers. 

Having tried and tested their food, you think we'll go back? Probably if we're on the area, but we won't drive 3 hours just to visit the place. ;)

I was not paid in any way to do a review of the product/s mentioned above. Everything was based on my honest opinion.


  1. salad is one great way to start eating healthier meals.

  2. A 3.5 over 5 rating for a restaurant or food chain is one that won't interest me. Lol. The name "Salad Creation" sounds inviting though, and if there is no other choice, I will have to. Lol. Their cleanliness is a good thing to give a thumbs up though!

  3. It's always nice when you find a food establishment that offer healthier choices of food. This sounds like a place we would want to eat at.

  4. I'm intrigued with the Mac and Cheese that uses goat cheese. I wonder what it tastes like.

  5. This place deserves a second visit from you pero yun nga, if you have to drive around three hours just to reach the place, next time nalang. Lol

  6. For $6.99, they do offer a great meal. It is difficult to find gluten free food and I know it would be an added cost for a meal. I would probably have ordered the crab soup. Its been a long time since I had that.


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