September 17, 2014

Fruits and Vegetables Make a Tasty Pizza

If you've been looking for a great tasting frozen pizza, then you've landed on the right post! I just found out about the brand Ristorante and was able to try one of the many flavors they offer. The flavor I'm talking about is the Pizza Pepperoni Pesto.

Honestly, I thought this would just be another frozen pizza that tastes just about the same as the rest. Well, I was wrong. It was kind a little bit smaller compared to the other regular pizzas in the frozen aisle but that maybe because they are thin-crust. They stand-out to me because the boxes show some healthier kind of ingredients, like for example - tomato, mushroom and spinach (which I have yet to try).

Speaking of vegetables, that's the other thing I like about Ristorante. They work like moms sneaking some fruits and vegetables in meals to serve their picky-eater kids. Which I do sometimes, okay most of the time! LOL!

Unlike the other frozen pizzas though, it doesn't come in a pizza board, I guess it's not a worry if you pop it in the oven fresh from the freezer anyway. If you'll look at the photo above (uncooked pizza) you'll notice the fresh-looking ingredients, from the cheese to tomatoes! Better, look at it when it's done! I know, I know, it's so luscious you want to bite your screen. Haha!
Can see notice how fresh-looking the ingredients are?
I read from the package that it's a product of Germany. I have been there but I never knew they serve great pizza's too! I just thought they have the greatest kinds of beer and ice cream. LOL. Anyway, I know I'll be back there, who knows, I might bump into Dr. Oetker! ;)

Oh and by the way, I just saw from their Facebook account that they have an ongoing promotion which might end really soon. I joined so I thought I'd shared it with you. Just click the photo to enter.

I was not paid in any way to do a review of this post. I was given the product for free to facilitate a review but was not required to publish a post about this in my site. This review was based on my honest opinion of the product.


  1. I am willing to try different toppings of pizza and this one just looks too good.. I wish i could find in our local store.

  2. I am so surprised that it looks like freshly made and not from a frozen box, really nice!

  3. Perfect for my snacks! And they really look delicious especially the sliced tomatoes that looked fresh still! Yuuum! :D

  4. How I wish the frozen pizzas here are as good as that. The ones available in grocery stores here have a thick crust and has no other toppings but salami slices and cheese. Oh well, when the craving for pizza comes, there is always my two favorite pizza joints - Shakey's and Project Pie. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your pizza! :)

  5. It looks so tasty and delicious! Is this available here in the Philippines?


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