October 1, 2014

Giveaway: Little Scholars Android Kids Tablet (ARV $199)

Tablet Giveaway Event 10/02/14 - 10/17/14

Little Scholars Android Kids Tablet 

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Is a tablet on your child's wish list this year? I guess most kids would like one! Perhaps they are younger and want a tablet like their older sibling has, but they don't need the internet or fancy downloads. Perhaps a tablet for the younger child with some educational apps, kid-friendly music and books loaded is just what they need. How do you find the time to download all of those onto a brand new tablet and know they are well-rated games and books? The research for age-appropriate apps takes time! School Zone recognizes that and so they have the PERFECT holiday gift (perfect as birthday present too) for your younger child. The Little Scholar Tablet is built with Android software and is pre-loaded with age-appropriate games, videos, books, music and more for your Preschool through 1st Grade child.

Finally, a tablet pre-loaded, ready to use and safe for younger children. They cannot get to a web browser from their screen at all. I just have to say, my daughter learned about using the Safari and she was even able to access Facebook! Oh my, with this table there is no need to worry. Everything they would want on a tablet is there! You can gift it, it comes charged and they play right away! No waiting hours for you to download games and apps. Oh, and no Wi-Fi is required! This can go everywhere with your child and no data will be used up!
What about a rewards system for your child?
There is a reward system. Think of it as recess. All kids love recess after some hard work in the classroom. As your child correctly gets through a practice, they earn a free fun game to play. Above, mu son is playing catch the watermelon seeds as he swipes the mouse and dish back and forth to catch falling seeds in a timed game. The games are the rewards. They play games to learn, then play easy-going games to step up the fun for a bit. 

How can you monitor your child?
You do get a report card. On the home screen, hit the A+ ribbon and that gets you your progress report. You will see time spent and each game played with scores. You also get a Category wheel that shows the amount of time being spent on each subject. You can set goals and it will track as well.
Monitor Your Child
Learn more and get your Little Scholar Tab ordered now for the Holidays!

The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win their vary own tablet (ARV $199). Your child will have one very special holiday when they finally have their own tablet ready to use! US only. Ends 10/17.

If you can't wait for the giveaway to end, make sure you take advantage of the promo right now! You get $30 off this tablet. Honored at SchoolZone.com or ToysRUs.

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  1. They have a great selection of toddler workbooks that I would love to have for my little guy.


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