October 14, 2014

Have You Heard About The Fogless Shower Mirror?

Have you ever experienced having a foggy mirror right after taking a warm bath? I do, a lot of times actually. Sometimes, I use my clothes to wipe a part of it, but then some dirt starts attaching to it and then I have to clean the whole thing again just so it would look clean. There was a time I didn't wipe it and tried to use it even if it was foggy/smokey but it hurt my eyes. LOL! I'll never do it again.

After that experience, I saw a kind of mirror I never thought existed ~ a fogless shower mirror! Have you ever heard of one? Because I for sure didn't until I learned more about it from Cassani Company. 
Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

Before I discuss what I found out about this fogless mirror, I just wanted you to know that it includes two other things. A nice matte silver stainless steel wall hook and another shaving razor wall mount. They really look great and I bet they're going to look nice in just about any color-themed bathroom. There's really no complicated setup by the way. You just have to put the hook that already have an adhesive tape on it and that's it! You may choose not to put the hook if you plan to use it in other parts of the room. I did place mine in the bathroom because I thought the hook will help a lot especially if the person shaving or doing whatsoever is alone. :) 
Important Note from Cassani
Before I was able to actually use it in the bathroom, my mom and husband used it first. I never knew it could be so useful! First, my mom who loves dyeing her hair at home, did have a hard time standing in front of the bathroom mirror just to do it. She went to a spot where she feels more comfortable in doing it! And she did it in the dining area, with our neighbor's yard as a view. LOL. Good thing it didn't fell, she must have placed well in a sturdy and smooth surface. If it fell I don't think it's going to break anyway because the back part of it looks like a plastic/carton material. I can't really explain but it's light and it looks tough, and somehow scratch-free. 
Bring Anywhere You Want To Dye Your Hair
Well, after my mom dyed her hair, I found some a few dye spots on the mirror! I got so scared I thought it's going to stay there forever! But no, I just washed it with warm water (no soap needed) and it went away! Worked like magic! The spots on the white wall and window sill though was stained. Argh! LOL!
Dirt spots? No problem! Just wash it with water!
Anyway, so it looked like this again after washing. So clear!!! I am not exaggerating but it looks like the clearest mirror I've ever had! Just look at the bright color of my plants and fruits. I can't actually believe it.
Super Clear!
Right after it dried, my husband decided to use it while shaving. He liked the fact that he could see clearly and that he can come as close as he likes to the mirror when needed. He said it makes shaving easier.
Great for Shaving!
I use it too, when putting on/off my contact lenses. Being able to come as close as I wanted to the mirror really helps.

And oh, I was able to test it after taking the shower but I guess it took me awhile to get my camera. LOL! It's kind of hard to see the difference with this picture but it worked. :) Proven fogless, tried and tested! You can return if it doesn't work for you. That white mark you see in the smaller mirror (the fogless mirror) is my husband's fingerprint. He tried to hold it so I can take a photo but I guess it was better to take a photo of it there, hanging.
Proven Fogless!
Also, it's very important to remember, they put some kind of coating to the mirror so you shouldn't clean it with anything but plain water. And I guess just to be safe, avoid rough wiping? If there's such a thing. Tee-hee!
Honestly, I think it'll be a perfect gift for dads and guy teenagers, because they'll be able to use it more often when shaving. 

If you want to know more about Cassani Company, take a look at their website. I've also included a direct link that will lead you to the product itself. 

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  1. We have this mirror and actually use it IN the shower. It's great! Gosh, it's been a really long time since we've had it and it still works great.

  2. very well review. I've heard about the fogless mirror but never tried one yet, now i'll definitely going to get one.. I need one in our bathroom.

  3. I have read many positive reviews about this product including yours. I would like to have one for my husband to use when shaving.

  4. This is the first time i heard about fogless mirror. I always turned on the exhaust fan when i took a shower to avoid fog. This is a great alternative.

  5. I'm curious about this product, I want to try since our heater makes our bathroom mirror foggy too..

  6. This is one mirror that I badly need! Sometimes a fog in a mirror can be a troublesome but nonetheless, with a fogless shower mirror, I won't have a hard time grooming up! :D


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