October 8, 2014

How To Maintain and Take Care of Your Weighing Scale

Yes, there is such thing as taking care of you weighing scale. You'd think it's just another stuff you have in your home. But it you properly take care of your scale, then you'd probably save a couple of bucks to cover the cost of replacing it. This maintenance and care tips apply to any kind of scale and I got it from Surpahs' user manual.
  • Clean exposed parts with a soft, slightly, damp cloth. To remove stain, use a mild soap.
  • Never use detergents, excess water, treated cloths, harsh cleaning agents, or sprays. 
  • Do not immerse scale in water.
  • Treat you scale with care to ensure the best performance. It contains sensitive electronic parts. Avoid rough treatment. Do not jump on, drop or kick the scale. That's right! No matter how wrong you think your measurement is, do not focus your anger to the scale. LOL!
  • Do not attempt to lubricate, disassemble, or open the scale casing. This will void warranty if you have one for your scale.
  • Always weigh yourself on the same scale placed on the same floor surface.
  • Do not compare weight readings from one scale to another as some differences do exist due to manufacturing tolerances. I do this oftentimes and it becomes frustrating at times. To avoid frustration too, I stopped comparing, there's only a slight difference anyway. Besides, if I use the same scale every time, then I'd know how much weight I gained or lost.
  • Place your scale on a hard even floor to ensure the greatest accuracy and consistency.
  • It is recommended that you measure at the same time of the day, preferably early evening before a meal, for the most consistent results.
  • Your scale rounds up or down to the nearest increment. If you weigh yourself twice and get two different results, your weigh lies between the two.
  • Do not dispose of batteries in fire. Batteries may explode or leak so you have to remove batteries from the scale if it will not be used for a long period. I have experienced it once and I had to throw it away. The apply the same care to my kids toys.
  • Avoid storage in the following locations where there is water, where the device maybe exposed to extreme temperatures, where there is a risk of shock or drop, where you store chemicals, and out of infants reach.
Since I already opened the subject weighing scale, I'd like to share with you the new BMI bathroom scale that I got. It is by far, my most favorite scale considering the features it offer. First, I love the look and design, sleek and classy! You can store up to 4 profiles (that's 4 household members perfect for the average American family) in order to determine your BMI. Which is super easy to do, just press set, choose P1-P4, enter your weight and it's done! This shiny small lightweight digital bathroom scale w/ BMI calculation can carry up to 330lbs/150Kg. 
Surpahs White BMI Bathroom Scale
Also, if you measure at night, there's no need to turn on the light because of the clear blue back light! It works well at day too. How cool is that? I have never had one like it! I feel like I have the most advanced kind of weighing scale there is! Besides that, it also determines whether you're underweight, normal, overweight or obese. My friends will be thrilled to use this because we compare weights at home to determine who lost the most. I do not join that comparison thing though, I am happy with mine though it says I am close to being overweight. :P
Set your height
It will show your BMI...and it will show whether you're underweight, normal, overweight or obese.
Here are some other features that made me put this in my Gift Suggestions list which is located on the right-hand portion of this page. :)
  • Unit Selection - The default unit is pound (lb) but you can change it to Kilogram (Kg).
  • Weight-Only Operation - If you don't want to see or don't need your BMI measurement, this scale can operate as a conventional weighing scale. You need not do anything, there's not need to press the set button, just step on it and it will automatically function that way.
  • Automatic Profile Detection - As I told you awhile ago, you can store up to four profiles in this scale. There's no need to press anything and choose a specific profile. The scale will automatically identify the profile closest to your weight (+/- 2Kg or +/- 4.4lb), they call it the SENSE-ON patent technology. Which I think is really smart! Now, if two or more profiles are matched, just press the up/down arrow to select your profile.
  • Besides White, this weighing scale also comes in pink. Which makes it a cute present for girls! 
If you want to know more about the product, you can buy it from a Amazon.com and take advantage of the 35% OFF discount coupon exclusive to Mom's Tried and Tested readers. That would bring down the price to $18.84 after the coupon is applied. Just use the code: BLOGSP35

I want to know! What kind of weighing scale do you have and how do you take care of it?

I was not paid to do a review of the product mentioned above. I was provided a sample to facilitate my review. Everything was based on my honest opinion of the product. This post may contain affiliate links.


  1. this is really a nice reminder to those who acquire bathroom scale last. I know few but not most of what you recommended here.

  2. Ours is a mechanical weighing scale which I guess is easier to maintain than digital or battery operated ones. Thanks for sharing this listing as I have learned other things which we thought were okay on how we keep our weighing scale.

  3. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips Sis. I have one and have to keep it clean and safety too before the kids will ruin. Thank you for reminding.

  4. I have two ozeri weighing scales. I like the feature that would indicate if you are getting overweight, that is nice.

  5. I'll keep these tips in mind when I buy my own weighing scale. I currently don't have one at home right now.


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