October 16, 2014

The Nicest Gift You Can Give to Your Child

I am not a bookworm and I honestly am not the kind of person who'd sit all day with a cup of coffee reading dozens of book. I only read books when I am required, like in school or when I really find it interesting! My sister, on the other hand can read a really thick book with small fonts in two (2) days! I'll finish that in two months. LOL!

But you know what, I noticed those book-lovers know tons of more complex words than people who doesn't like reading. They also have a profound knowledge about places and other things. They always have something to say in whatever situation. I find it really amazing and quite handy for grown-ups. 

That's the reason I encourage reading in our house. Not that I want my daughter to be a walking lexicon, I just want her to be exposed and get familiar with more words so she can use them in the future.

One thing I noticed though is that she has some favorite books. She's the one who choose what we should read for the day. Most of the time, she gets the same book. I think I actually memorized like five (5) of her books I can read and turn the pages with my eyes closed. Haha! 
Shelf full of books!One of the books we'll read today!
I wanted a book that will interest and get her attention, also something that will familiarize her with the usual nursery rhymes before she goes to school next year.  So, I recently added a new book in her shelf. This time, a personalized book with Mother Goose as a theme. And she is the main character in the story, along with some other people she personally know!

Knowing it's a new book, my daughter hurriedly lined up all her friends so they too, can listen to the story. She does it most of the time, sometimes she sits them all together and pretend they're students and me as their teacher. 
Yes, they'll listen to the story too!
On the first page of the book, you can include a message to the person whom you'll give the book to. This will be perfect for a short birthday message. :) 

Focusing on the Mother Goose book, I was really surprised because I never knew that twelve (12) Mother Goose nursery rhymes can be stitched to make a really good story! My daughter had a great time listening (and asking lots of questions) to the story. She also recognizes her name so she read it aloud every time she sees it. 

It's funny that I, myself, do not know all the nursery rhymes or I must have forgotten them already. It's a good thing they included the real nursery rhyme on the other page of each story. My daughter can actually sing (but not yet read) some of it. I hope she does so soon.
Nursery rhyme on the other side of the page.
Reading this book to my daughter made me realize how quickly kids' intellect and imagination grow. My daughter did not only ask me about the story. She also asked about the pictures, like for example in the page about the shoe house she asked:
1) Why don't they wear shoes?
2) Why are they happy?
3) Why are there a lot of kids?
4) What are they doing?
5) Where am I there?
Personalized story with your kid as the main character.
It took us awhile to finish the book, but I don't mind because at least, I know it got her interested. :) I'd rather have her ask questions that not. Also, we read the book five times, so in one of those, I was able to read the book without interruptions. LOL!

Besides the Mother Goose personalized book, they also have tons of other titles. If you want to know more about the products they offer, you may visit KD Novelties website. I just visited it and saw they also have personalized music, DVD and eBooks! Here are the social media sites you can follow:
KD Novelties Facebook Page
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I received a sample of the product mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. Truly one of the best gifts you can ever give a child - the gift of reading! You are so right!

  2. Teaching children the love of reading is very important. That's one thing that my kids enjoys.

  3. Mother Goose is my favorite character even since I learned how to read by pictures! Timeless!

  4. you are absolutely right, books is one of the best gift you can give to your child. they will cherish it and also helps build and widen their imagination.

  5. How I wish my parents were able to afford these kind of things for me before. But it's okay, I understand we were not that capable before. Now that I am working, I am giving my siblings these educational and useful things that I didn't have as a child. :)

  6. It's amazing what reading can do, especially for the young minds. I salute you for encouraging your daughter to love books and reading. She will surely benefit from that!


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