May 26, 2015

New and Free Educational Apps for Pre-K and up!

Have you ever had a hard time looking for the right apps for your kids? Well, my daughter loves to play so she chooses apps with sounds and lots of color. As a parent, I can't just let her choose "pure games", I wanted her to use apps where she can learn something too. In my previous post, I have shared a few Kids Academy Educational Apps for Children. Since I know how they manage to keep my daughter's attention, I am tried downloading their new apps.

Oh, I should tell you, when I saw the word "math" I thought I had the perfect timing. My daughter started to show interest in counting and adding. She always ask me to pretend adding with her toys. I like how we do it but unfortunately I have other chores to do and I don't have half of the day to play math with her. So I am really thankful for this new app.

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Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Game
Educational Books & Free Songs

MY REVIEW: The free app offers three lessons: Learn 1-10, Simple Addition and Simple Sequences. The Simple Addition works like a maze. Example, it will say "one plus four" then you have to follow the maze which will lead to the right answer (you have at least three options). Unlike the other apps which shows things to count (e.g. one apple plus four apples), this one will make your kid think or count on his own. The Simple Sequences work like connect the dots up to number fifteen. The Learn 1-10 is a tracing number game. Overall, my daughter loved it because she can easily understand how the app works, that is, without me having to teach and show her how. I personally like the colors, sounds and the simplicity of the app - which by the way still deliver it's purpose of educating my daughter.

You too can download it on your phone by clicking the link below. Tell me how it works for your kid/s. You can also upgrade for an extra charge to unlock number songs, learn 11-20 and learn dozens.

Download Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Game

My daughter knows about tracing and shapes already. Kids are smart but it's always great to continue teaching her these basic stuff so she won't forget. Here's another app that's just floating in our iPad so she can access it anytime she's in the mood. She actually started using it but our iPad cracked and some parts of it are not working and she's having a hard time finishing the tracing thing. Oh well, I guess we should get it replaced with a new screen soon. Good thing my husband's using iPhone so we downloaded it there instead. :D
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Bugs, Shapes and Robots
Face Paint for Toddlers

MY REVIEW: My daughter knows the shapes already but it's important for her to practice and make her drawings more clear. With this app, learning and tracing ten (10) basic shapes becomes a fun activity for her. She loves how the tracing thing works. It's like a connect the dots fireflies. The more you trace, the more fireflies you get. All the fireflies are stored in a jar which really made my daughter excited! Not only that, there's a combination of shapes to trace that makes a robot. So, it's more fun to do! I personally love that it has the Parent Mode where I can check on my daughter's progress (like what shapes she does the most), I can control the sounds, edit her profile and learn more about the developer (like their social media accounts). 

This app is FREE for a limited time (it's usually $2.99) so get it while it lasts.

Download Bugs, Shapes, and Robots

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  1. I have this app and the twins love it. This is where they first learned to trace letters and numbers. A must for moms who have toddlers.

  2. I'll recommend these educational apps to my mommy friends who have younger kids. Very helpful! Thanks for sharing!


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