May 26, 2015

Experience the Heavy Duty Strength of Gorilla Packaging Tape

Do you always find yourself packing and storing items? Well, our family does it at least twice a year, before and after winter. Most of the time, I do it by myself. I never thought of getting a tape dispenser which I just realized makes the job a lot easier! Good thing I found this kind of Gorilla shipping tape. I was able to prove their tough and wide claim when I used it to pack a large box to be sent overseas. It is indeed wider compared to the clear packing tape I have at home. And it sure is tough but still easy to cut! I guess this will help me save more money in the end because I don't have to double or triple the strips I put in the box.

I also read it is refillable, so you need not buy the whole thing every time you ran out of stock. I think I'll buy one refill just in case (this always comes handy for me), but first it has to be on sale and there should be a coupon. LOL.
Gorilla Packing Tape
Gorilla Packaging Tape is the ultimate solution for moving, shipping and storage. Keeping packages secure now takes JUST ONE STRIP (TM) with this thicker, tougher and wider tape! The smooth, quiet release tape is water and temperature resistant, allowing it to hold-up through a variety of conditions. Applying Gorilla Packaging tape is quick and effortless with the durable, easy to refill dispenser that cuts tape with ease making it the perfect solution for all of your packing needs.

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I was given a free sample but was not required to post a review of the product mentioned above. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. I use the Gorilla glue, but I haven't tried the tape. I like that it's wide.

  2. If only I can find one here in our local store, I'll surely going to use this to tape my balikbayan boxes as it has a strong grip.

  3. I like the gorilla packaging design. It looks appealing and can easily catch attention, Good to know that it serves its purpose well. I wonder if that packaging tape is also sold in Davao.

  4. I know gorilla the Apr but not this one. Seems a good product to try.

  5. I have tried that packaging tape as well. Definitely it is a heavy duty and keep our package safe and secure.

  6. We have much use of packaging tape especially since we try to store our things carefully so we can reuse it many times like Christmas decors and other seasonal items.

  7. This product is ideal for people who frequently send stuff to their loved ones in another country or for those who constantly move from one place to another due to the nature of their job, etc. Quite helpful, I must say.


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