May 29, 2015

Oven Ready™ Boneless Turkey Breast

Turkeys are not just for Thanksgiving, trust me. I've noticed a lot more people actually prefer this meat because it's more lean and it can be used in almost any meal just like chicken! I used to not eat turkey but I think I have gotten used to the taste that you'd see more turkey meat in my freezer than any other meat. LOL.

My guests also noticed that I have been using it more often during our get-together's. Just last week, I had two families came over because we invited them for lunch. One of the things we prepared, well not really prepared because we just had to cook it, was a pre-seasoned whole turkey breast. I was really surprised because this turkey was huge (like a whole chicken) and we almost finished it! They took home the remaining one fifths (1/5) of the turkey for the next day's breakfast. One of them also suggested to cut them in cubes and mix it with rice etcetera and that will automatically become a new meal! I thought of making turkey sandwiches! See, there's really a lot to do with it!
By the way, it was my husband who prepared it but he didn't cook it in the oven. He put it in a stock pot with two cups of water (for steaming purposes only, you don't want to put more because the seasonings will be useless) for more than an hour to make sure the inside part is well-cooked. I thought it turned out great if not better. It was not dry nor super moist, just right in the middle. The seasonings still stayed all over the turkey and were not bothered with the moisture due to "steaming".

If you want to know more about it, click the photo below of visit Jennie-O's website. You'll notice (if you're new to eating turkey) more turkey products you  might not have seen or imagined.
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I was provided with a sample to facilitate my review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. That looks delicious! I love turkey and I prefer it than chicken and other meats.

  2. That looks dfelicious sis, I haven't tried that brand nor tried to bake a turkey breast. That must be so tender.

  3. Once lang ako nakatikim ng turkey and the taste is not that bad. But I prefer chicken. however, I would love to try this boneless turkey breast.

  4. This looks so delicious Sis. I also love Jenny products especially the coupons that I won from your previous giveaways. They are so good and very healthy too.

  5. oh this looks really good and knowing that its boneless already, don't need to pick those bones instead you'll enjoy munching this until its gone.


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