August 20, 2015

Flavored Iced Coffee Is Indeed an International Delight!

I am a coffee-lover. I drink a cup at least once a day, particularly in the morning. And do I need to add that I was a previous barista at a well-known coffee shop? Oh yes! Make it mild, bold, robust, I'd take a sip! 

During the summer months where I am somehow limited in drinking hot coffee due to the humid weather, I used to just put ice on my cup and I just add more sugar and creamer to make it tastier. I guess it's no longer a hassle because iced coffees are now readily available in the market! I need not 'test' the taste of my drink anymore because I can just buy a ready-made which is definitely more delicious than my homemade cups. LOL.
I think I also influenced my husband to be a coffee-addict like me because he was the one who finished the whole box of International Delight Iced Coffee. He even said he needs more, take note, need and not want. LOL. Well, what can I do, I have two (2) 80-cent coupons so I guess I'll let him try the other flavors which are Vanilla and Caramel Macchiato and also because I can't take dairy anymore. By the way, I just realized they also come in "Light" flavor, good news for those of you who are in some kind of diet. My, I just wish I can try the Caramel Macchiato!!! But I have to wait for at least a year. Whew!

Anyway, my husband said this specific flavor is not that creamy but it is strong and it gives him a kick. That's his reason for wanting to buy some more. He said he can drink it at the office so he'll have more energy and he won't be sleepy! Haha! And he said since it's iced coffee, it's always better with a lot of ice or make it super cold at least.

If you want to learn more about their the other iced coffee flavors, you can visit their website here. They are also giving away coupons if you sign up, plus they have other promotions in their site, I know because I just visited it. I just don't know how long it's going to last so go ahead and sign up for offers! :)

I received a sample of the product mentioned above but was not required to make a review of it. Everything was based on my honest opinion of the product.


  1. I like this one just can't afford to buy the whole full price, but because I can use a coupon I can enjoy the everlasting taste of a good mocha iced coffee.

  2. I love Caramel Macchiato too! I haven't tried International Delight Iced Coffee yet and now I'm so curious!

  3. I love iced coffee in the afternoon. The flavors look yummy! I'd love to try these!

  4. Flavored or not, iced tea based on recent studies is bad for one's health.

  5. Iced coffee is great for countries with tropical climates like the Philippines. I'd love to try this iced coffee brand.

  6. I love drinking coffee whether hot or ice-cold although I have learned to control the amount I take in. This product is something to consider.


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