December 7, 2015

A Perfect Present for Kids This Holiday Season

My daughter has been asking me to buy her more toys for her pretend kitchen. She has almost everything but is missing a lot of ingredients. So, when I got the opportunity to review this vegetable playset, I got so excited!

When I got this product, I thought I'd be able to wait until the first day of Christmas for Santa to give this to my daughter. I guess the kid in me got excited in opening the package too. I never had this as a kid, for your info. Well, I guess we didn't have this at that time anyway.

This Click N' Play cutting vegetable toy playset includes ten (10) fruits and vegetables combined. There's even a bonus knife and cutting board which makes it more attractive to play. My daughter has been playing it for three (3) days straight and she's not tired of playing with it yet. She already made a lot of meals including smoothies with them. She enjoys cutting and putting them back over and over again! You got to love the velcro!

It's also nice that she's getting more familiar with the things she do not eat.  She now knows what an eggplant looks like and she knows that bell peppers come in different colors too. Just awhile ago, we were able to force lure her to try broccoli and carrots again. Those were the vegetables she used to eat when she was three (3) but suddenly stopped for reasons we do not know. Okay, it's definitely the taste she doesn't like. I guess she got it from me, I do not like vegetables as a kid. I think if I had the same toy, I would have tried eating some at least. 
Playset Available at Amazon
The playset comes with a reusable bag as shown above. It's nice because it's easier to tell her to clean them up and she can bring it with her easily in any part of the house. Sometimes, she brings it to her room, our room, in the living room, her play area... Ha! Just about anywhere! Even in the car! 

I'd say I'd like this toy because the quality meets my expectations. It's not made from a cheap material though it's not made from an expensive one either. The quality is just right, the plastic is not to soft (or squishy) and not to hard (which I actually like in case she throws them).

I think this product will be a nice present for any kid this holiday season. If you want to check it out, it's available at Amazon and I think it's currently on sale. I found a similar toy like this at the store but I think this is the more affordable one wherein the quality is not compromised.

I was given a sample of the product mentioned above in exchange for my unbiased opinion. 


  1. What a cute play set for little girls! This would definitely make a lovely gift.

  2. yes, this is a nice play set for the kids to get familiar with the things that they don't want to eat :)

  3. My daughter used to have this kind sis and I remember when I am cooking she is cooking too lol.

  4. Awww! The perfect gift for the future chef in your house Sis. My summer babe will like this pretend slicing toy as well. Thank you for sharing.


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