January 17, 2016

I Used This Shower Curtain Liner For A Year

I'd be honest to say that I am posting this review a year late. Imagine how long is that? As a blogger, I feel that I cheated on the company from not delivering what should have been expected of me. I got personal health reasons that stopped me from finishing this review. Anyway, I don't want this issue to forever be in my conscience. LOL! So, I am doing it right now. This is the perfect epitome of 'better late than never'.

You know, I think it's actually a blessing in disguise for me to review it this late. Because that means I have really tested the product, quite too long I suppose. The second thing that pushed me from pursuing this review too is that the brand really deserves to be known.

As I said, it's been a year and this has been the longest shower liner I've used since forever! I guess nothing's going to beat that time frame. I have used the cheapest from Target and they smell, I've tried another eco-friendly brand from Marshalls and it didn't live up to its promises. This shower curtain liner from Amazon have proven its claims:

  1. Resits Mold
  2. Resists Mildew
  3. No Odor
  4. No Chlorine
  5. No PVC
  6. Resists Bacteria

The first (3) items were the only things I can know for sure that's true. I remember when I opened the package and placed it in the bathroom, it's unlike the rest that always have that funky smell. This one has a subtle smell for a few days then it was totally gone!

The first two (2) items are similar. I've never seen a black spot on our liner for a year! I am careful too though with humidity and I always turn on the exhaust in our bathroom so maybe that helped too. I am glad I need not clean it every now and then (Wait, I don't clean liners! I replace them when they're dirty.) And yes, it took a year for the soap suds to accumulate on this one. Imagine how long that is? Even I, myself, can't believe it! LOL! But that's what really happened. Oh well, I think there are really companies who can be that blatantly honest to you.

I was provided a sample of this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion. 

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