February 4, 2016

Top Mates Aussie Sauces Giveaway

I like entertaining guests and most of the time, the easiest way for me to amuse them is by serving food. And because it takes me at least an hour to cook (and it can go up to two hours depending on the dish), one thing that comes to mind is appetizer! Yes, I know you're probably doing it too! Ha!

It's a good thing I came across the newest Aussie sauce craze - Top Mates! Not only they provide quick access in preparation, it instantly became a conversation 'topic'. What a unique way to start our chit-chat talking about food!

One thing I like about Top Mates is they offer a variety, there are seven exciting flavors to choose from (details below). These tastes are new to at least to my whole family's palate. Some of the flavors still surprise me! Here are some ways I've managed to use the finishing sauces.
Top Mates on crackers!
Top Mates on chips!
1) Caramelized Garlic [Meat, Seafood and Veggies] - One of my favorite spices! I use garlic in most of the foods I cook and I love the aroma it creates. And to have this in a form of sauce is even better! It just makes it easier for me with meal preparation. Grab, spread and eat! Just like what I did with this fried chicken! Mmm... Soooo good!
Top Mates on meals!
2) Smoked Tomato - Tried it with crackers and chips and it tasted great! This is my husband and cousins' favorite sauce among the four (4) we've tried. I believe sauce can be applied to just about anything! I am going to use this as spaghetti sauce next weekend! Haven't tried a smoked tomato version so hopefully, it will be the first time. :) I am so thrilled you have to check my Instagram account because I am definitely going to post it there.
3) Chipotle and Onion
4) Savory Pineapple - This one is my favorites. I am not sure if it's because I'm Asian but my Hispanic friend liked it just the same. This sauce definitely has that sweet tangy taste. I use it as a spread on my toast too, but just a thin spread of it since it is really flavorful.
5) Savory Cherry - If you want an exotic taste, you got to try this. Cherry is seldom found as a sauce and it's robust taste might be just that thing you're looking for!
6) Onion and Shiraz - I don't know what a shiraz is but based on what I read, this sauce is a combination of onion (of course), red wine and port and is great with steak. Worthy to mention that it's an award winner in the recent Royal Sydney Fine Foods Show. How awesome is that?
7) Apple and Mint - With the combination of these two ingredients, I guess you can already guess the flavor. I heard it's good with lamb.
I have yet to try this with our meal but if you are curious on how or where else to use Top Mates, they have provided some recipes on the site. And... Just so you know, I got the samples above for review and if you too are curious to know its taste, then enter the giveaway below. Please note that the giveaway end date may change, but I'll let you know by updating this post if that happens. 
Good Luck!
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As a thank you for taking time to learn about Top Mates, they have provided a coupon code for Mom's Tried and Tested readers:
M4Y3J - 10% OFF Online Purchase 
Valid Until 04/30/2016

Until next, mate! *wink*


  1. I am most interested in the chipotle and onion variety.

  2. I would love to try the Smoked Tomato.


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