January 23, 2016

Why You Should Always Keep Your Griller Clean

I love inviting close friends at home be it during holidays, birthdays or for no reason at all. I am not sure why but I love entertaining and chit-chatting with them. And if you know me you'll know what food I am going to serve. I love baking, but other than that I love grilling too! Grilling for me means having good time with friends, outside the house, enjoying good food and more! That's one reason I bought a new a week after buying our house. I always thought that grillers, especially the outdoor ones are only for summer. I guess not.

As of the moment, Winter Storm Jonas is burying East Coast on 20+ inches of snow. I heard no reported casualties but I know there's a possibility of power outage. Yes, power outage! I guess anyone would be afraid of it! First, you don't want to freeze inside your home, and next you definitely don't want to starve!

That's why for those of you, who unfortunately have electric stoves, it can be very frustrating. And this is where I found our griller useful! So, before the storm came, my husband bought a bag of charcoal and started cleaning the grill! I swear he didn't clean it since summer and it really looks terrible, just look at the photo below.



I am just thankful we have a new grill brush that really does it's job. It's made of stainless steel bristles and even came with a basting brush. Isn't it awesome? I actually got the X-Chef barbecue grill cleaner at Amazon.com for free to review.
Now, I am ready in case we need to cook outside! Even the food we needed to grill are ready. Ha! My cousin and her husband's stuck at home too by the way, so we're all set!


  1. It's important to keep it lean sp the rust won't stay.

  2. I don't really have a grill but I've been thinking about getting one for the longest time. This would be a nice tool to use when I get one!


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