March 20, 2016

The stroller gear I wish I had with my first child

I love walking with two of my kids, I think it's the only form of exercise I can manage to do. Especially the time when we have just one car. My husband used to come home for lunch (because his office is near) and then me and my kids go back with him. I drop him off at his office and the whole afternoon is spent at the mall! That means from 1:00 PM until 5:30 PM or so, you'll either find me at the grocery store or at a nearby mall. 

When at the mall, I sometimes can't stop myself from buying stuff (which we need anyway). You know how hard it could be for a mom to push a stroller, with another kid by your side and then grocery shopping. I wish I had four hands: one to push the stroller, one to hold my other daughter's hand, one to get the things I need from the shelf and one (or two) to carry the shopping bags and my daughter's bag for when she is tired. Then, I saw another mom with these huge stroller hooks and I was like, "Awesome!!!".
Toogli Stroller GearToogli Stroller Gear
I wish I had this stroller gear with my first baby. It can hold as much bags as I wanted as long as it's not heavy enough to tilt the stroller. What's even better is a pack of Toogli includes two (2) extra large hooks. I broke our old stroller because I tried putting our groceries either on top (the space between her seat and the handles), underneath the carseat (yes, there's a little space there) or in the basket (it's actually big that's the reason I put a lot in it. LOL!).
Isn't this huge?! :P
Our new stroller is bigger but has a smaller basket so I can only put one bag at a time, and that's means just the diaper bag. I don't want to try to fit everything in there because I'm afraid the same thing would happen and I wanted to 'preserve' it until at least three more years.

How about you, what stroller gears did you wish you have?

I received a sample in exchange for my unbiased opinion. This post contains affiliate links.

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