March 16, 2016

How do you organize your tablets?

This generation is remarkably different than the one I grew up with. When I was a kid, I loved the outdoors. I stayed under the sun until I get tired playing. You can barely see me at home! Sometimes, I even eat meals at my friends or neighbors house. LOL!

Now, all I can see are homes full of gadgets. If your family survived not having much gadgets or if you are already trying to avoid using them, then good for you. I am actually proud of myself (I do not mean bad to those who are not in the same boat as I am) because when I noticed these gadgets 'changes' frequently, I got tired of spending money on them. Unfortunately, not for my husband.

Considering there are more than two competing brands in the market with diverse features and capabilities, it could be hard to resist them especially if you are the techie type. I took a course related to computers but I am not as addicted to gadgets like some people. I, rather, my husband though have a couple of them which he's had since he was single. Some I already donated and recycled. But there are still a few remaining items like the iPod, iPad and his iPhone.

Knowing guys (sorry for stereotyping), most of them seem to not know what the word 'organize' is. I think I have OCD so cleanliness is important for me. That's the reason I always try to keep even my husband's computer table as neat as possible. One way of doing it is by organizing his gadgets. Oh my, those cables, chargers, gadgets - they're always a mess!!! I have already shared in my previous post how I keep his iPhone watch and iPhone organized. Now, it's time for those pads to have a place to sit it! Good thing I came across this Aleratec tablet charging station. It's nice because I do not have to stack my gadgets on top of each other, which could case some problems due to additional heavy weights. This rack is light because it's made from (durable) plastic. You just have to make sure to place the tablet properly, like in the middle if it's just one, to prevent it from tipping over.
I am still on the look out for ways to keep this computer table clean. By the way, don't mind the pink wall paint because my husband's office used to be my daughter's room and we do not have plans of painting it. Haha.

How about you, do you have more than one tablet? How do you keep them organized?

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample of the charging rack to facilitate my review. Everything was based on my honest opinion though. This post contains affiliate links.

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