March 9, 2016

What To Look For When Buying Barbecue Tools

Can you feel the warm season approaching? Here in Maryland, we've had a pretty good weather around 70's. And just last week I hosted a mini barbecue party. I didn't notice my previous tools got rusty because I just left them in the griller. I was so ashamed to use them because I'm afraid they'd think I'd be serving them contaminated or dirty foods. I had to use just our regular thongs and salad forks. Haha. So, I decided to look for a new set to use for the coming weeks. Whew!

The one I got from Amazon actually looked like a set perfect for gifting. It came in a nice plastic canister and even a box for easier wrapping. I have four (4) friends who just bought a house and I think it would be a really useful and nice house warming present.
Anyway, so, what should you really look for when buying barbecue tools?
1) Make sure they are made of quality materials, like stainless steel. And not just a simple one, make sure it's durable and strong. You don't want a steel that bends over fire. I prefer stainless steel because it resists stain and corrosion.
2) Long handles are a must. Just make sure they're not too long because that can hurt you too. I say long handles because you don't want to get those hands too close to the griller. You could either get your hands (or arms) dry or at worst scalded or burned. I know sometimes you'd like to use your bare hands trying to put and flip those meat around, but trust me, that can be scary. You know how combustion works, right? What if there's a sudden fire and it catches your hands? O-oh!
3) Hooks and locks. Most grillers do not have a lot of extra space where you can put your cooked foods and tools. And you sure don't want to 'accidentally' place them on top of a hot rack. Those rings help not just during grilling but also for storage purposes. As for locks, I mean a ring that can hold those thongs together. Some thongs open so wide it's hard to press and use them. So far, the thong lock is the only feature lacking in my barbecue tool set. But hey, you can't have everything all in one. This is still the closest that meet my qualifications.
4) Look for added features. Like for example, this spatula has serrated edges which can be used for cutting or tenderizing meat. That would be very useful when you're already out in your yard doing your thing. You don't have to rush back to your kitchen to get a knife, this is like a built-in thing.
5) Look for something that can make your life a little bit easier. If you can find a dishwasher safe set, then go for it. You know how hard it is sometimes to clean tools that are oily have and have dried whatever meat sticking on them. LOL. If you can slip it in the washer, it can make your cleanup a little lighter!
6) And last but not the least, safety first. If you're getting a new tool, whether a set or a piece, spend a few minutes making sure they have some sort of protection. Some tools can be really sharp especially the fork. You don't want to hurt yourself upon opening the package. Other tools can be bubble-wrapped but the pointed part is not covered.

In compliance with the FTC Guidelines, I was not paid for this though I was provided a sample to facilitate my review. This post contains affiliate links that means I might earn a few bucks when you click or buy them.

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