September 8, 2012

The Perfect Coffee-Mate!

Literally, there should be no other coffee-mate than Coffee-mate! 

I went to a store awhile ago and someone sampled a coffee. He's actually endorsing a brewer but what caught my eye are the ones laid on the condiments area. That is, Coffee-mate liquid packs.

I've seen them before but not that often. I was really surprised so I took a photo. I am so glad they had it during the sampling because it's the only reason I'd want to taste their coffee. If you knew me personally, you'd know I can't drink plain instant or brewed coffee. I can't even drink it even if it comes with flavored syrup! I don't want my cup to look black, I want it dark or light brown and I want it sweet. That just means, I always have [need and want] a creamer to go with it, and it should always be Coffee-mate!

My, I can't even remember the day I started using Coffee-mate, but I'm 100% sure it's been more than a decade! That's how much I love it. I am surely not going to stop especially when they keep on making different flavors. Ooops, I got to go, I need another cup of Joe!

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I am a member of Coffee-mate's brew crew but I was not compensated in anyway to do a review of the products or services mentioned this post. Everything was based on my 100% honest opinion.


  1. I have to agree that nothing compares to Coffee Mate :). Ever since, that has been my coffee creamer of choice.

  2. I don't usually buy creamer due to budget constraint. I use leftover milk to whiten my coffee. But reading how it tastes 'must and 'different' I reckon i should go out and buy nexy grocery trip

  3. Unfortunately, I RARELY drink coffee. Hahaha I refused to drink coffee after my aunt told me when I was young that it stunts growth. Haha until now, I only drink like once or twice a year :D

  4. I totally agree that there's no other coffee mate but coffee mate. It's really the perfect complement for coffee.

  5. I am a coffee drinker and a cappuccino addict. Its not my first time to see a liquid pack or sweetener as restaurants in britain usually use those kind of stuffs but this coffee mate packs did surprise me! Its cute though. It makes it easier to use, I suppose. Thanks for dropping by on me blog. xxx


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