September 17, 2013

Baking Tip 1

I started baking just a few months ago because I wanted to learn how to make fondant-covered cakes. It's not that hard to do it from scratch as long as you follow the directions in the recipe carefully. And it's not as boring as I thought it is.

I do have the recipe for this blueberry cake but it's not mine and I didn't get the permission to post it yet. I will sure do in my next posts. And hopefully in time, I can make my own recipe. Oh, this excites me the more. I am not an expert (yet) but every time I bake, I learn something to improve on the next time.

The first tip I am going to share is:

Yes, the  ingredients matter, a lottt. I only use the brands I trust starting with sugar. Domino for me offers the quality I need to bake better. I need not sift it, I need not check whether there are tiny black things in it, it's so white it looked like it was bleached. But of course, it wasn't. ;)

Blueberry Cake Prep

I followed the directions carefully, measuring each ingredient perfectly and I sure did not overdo mixing. My very first blueberry cake was great! It was moist with just the right sweetness. I hope I can share a slice just so you can see for yourself. ;)

Yes, I started baking and you know what the worst thing is? I forgot to take a picture of the cake itself. LOL! I already covered it with fondant and you can check it our in my next post. ;)

I was not compensated in anyway to do a review of the products or services mentioned this post. 
Everything was based on my 100% honest opinion. 


  1. I am not much of a baker person but if I have instructions to follow to bake a cake, I can get by :-)

  2. I have to agree with using the best ingredients as it can give you a better cake.

  3. I wanted to start baking because I love to eat cookies and cupcakes but then I find that it's too tiring to make them. Instructions seem easy to follow but I have to buy all those ingredients (best pa) and they are kinda expensive so I thought why not just buy the treats ready to eat na lang haha. #lazyMe

  4. Agree much on your very first tip. It is best to have trusted and best ingredients in cooking as well as in pastry making.

  5. Agree with you! Ingredients really matter and photos too! Haha Let me check your next post for the outcome! :)

  6. Good Luck on your baking Jo, and more Tips! God Bless

  7. great tip! I don't know how to make and still have no guts to try baking haha

    I'll keep this tip in mind in case..

  8. I have always dreamed of baking cupcakes and cakes myself but i guess im not made for cooking, only for eating. haha

  9. Wow I super agree with your tip! The choice of ingredients can make or break a dish! :)


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