September 17, 2013

East Japanese Restaurant

Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Budget: $20 -$30/person

During one of our summer roadtrips, we needed to find a place to eat. So, I looked up some restaurants and our GPS took us to a mall in New York. There, we found a place we haven't eaten before. And oh, they have a rotating bar too, first time for me to that inside a mall.

Miso soup and tempura are the first two things that come to mind whenever I think of Japanese restaurants. Although most people would definitely say sushi. :D The reason I say that is because I am not a fan of eating raw foods. I only try sushi with cooked ingredients. Anyway, during our food trip to East Japanese Restaurant, I ordered a tempura box for myself and my husband ordered the rest. Of course, I am allowed to eat some of his food if I wanted to. And that's what I did. I just took a sample taste size just so I can review it.

First, the miso soup. For the first time, I had one without tofu in it. I find it weird actually, I thought it's authentic for miso's to have at least a few small pieces of tofu. It was so-so, I have tasted a better miso from another restaurant. I am not sure if tofu's add to the taste of the soup itself.

Tempura, oh, I love tempura! This one tastes like the regular ones, as always, it tastes better with soy sauce. I love it because of it's crunchiness. It feels like you're eating crispy fried chicken, only that it's shrimp.

The bento boxes, my! I wasn't able to finish everything! By the time they're closing I still halfway thru. Maybe it's the soup or maybe because I finished more than half of the separate order of tempura. I just have to say it's not bad at all. The breaded pork worked well with the rest of what's in the 'plate'.

We were not able to try anything from the rotating sushi because we were already full and besides, we were among the last customers dining in. :D Although my daughter was given samples of their little round bread thing, which she did finish! That means it's delicious!

Now take a look at the scrumptious meal on our table.

Tempura and Miso Soup
Bento Boxes

Not that I'm racist or I stereotype but I noticed most restaurants with Asians as workers try to maintain cleanliness around the place. Just after the group in one table left, one of them immediately removed everything on the table and wiped it with wet towel, then a dry one. That's one of the things I am looking for with cleanliness. In my opinion, some bussed tables left wet are still eeky.

They are super friendly with kids. Besides the fact they gave my daughter some bread, they also gave her a chopsticks. They put a rubber band somewhere so it won't be apart. It was indeed easier for her and I was so happy she can eat rice with chopsticks!

Customer Service
We were assisted immediately and our orders were taken care of promptly. Because we didn't finish our meal, she gave us some boxes... And they're not just styro, I hope everyone gives out this kind (if not made of recycled paper). It sure looks nothing's going to spill and it's ready to eat in the car! She even gave us a new soy sauce in a container! :)

Complimentary Stuff
Maybe if I only requested a thing and then I'd know. But I didn't have a request of some free stuff this time. No hot towel even.
As for the parking, it's in the mall so there's an ample space.

So having tried and tested it, are we going back? Yes, just because of the great customer service and because they gave a special treat to my daughter.

I was not compensated in anyway to do a review of the products or services mentioned this post.
Everything was based on my 100% honest opinion.

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