September 16, 2013

Rosy Tomorrow's

Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Budget: $20-$25/person


My family went a trip to Connecticut near New York border. I was looking for somewhere to eat and so my husband drove around the place and we saw a couple of cars going towards this place. I found the name unsual, you know, like is Rosy Tomorrow's a name? Or does it suggest Rosy's future? Anyway, my husband and I decided to go there. For me, more people means appetizing food.

Prime Rib of Beef and Chicken Pot Pie Soup 

 Spicy Buffalo Style Calamari

The food is great, I should say. I love the Chicken Pot Pie Soup. It's creamy and packed with vegetables - carrots and potatoes. I love their idea of putting the bread on top, doesn't it look good on picture? It's so palatable too! The Spice Buffalo Style Calamari is a bit different from the regular ones because as you can see, the supposed-to-be-sauce was already mixed. The only not so good thing about it is it's not evenly spread, but that's a good thing because my daughter can eat the unsauced part. The taste definitely became extraordinary than those you would have to dip. This one is super ready to eat! Wow, that sounded like a poem to me. We ordered two Prime Rib of Beef's, one for me and one for my husband. That's actually the first time we ordered the same thing. The only difference is, his is medium-well and mine's well-done! The taste is normal, like the other good beef at some restaurants. I was given a lot of sauces to dip it from so there's no need to worry at how I'd like it to taste like. I musta say I love their coleslow! It reminds me of my favorite recipe back home. I wasn't able to finish the baguette because I am already full so I shared it with my daughter too.

My rating was basically because of their so good food! Besides, I didn't experience anything I'd possibly disapprove.

It's okay. I just needed to wipe the table once but it's not dirty at all. I just wanted to make sure. I think that the seats need a little bit wiping especially after being sit on by kids.

I don't remember if they have a kid's menu. They gave some coloring materials to my daughter but I forgot to check if they do because I thought of sharing my food with her.

Customer Service
We waited for awhile, probably because it's dinner. Nobody let us sit because there's no waiting area but outside, or maybe the bar - which I wouldn't go to with a 2yr old. We just stood there in front of her and she looks like she really wanted us to get a seat already. But of course, she can't do anything until a table is empty so I understand.

Complimentary Stuff
Free Parking
Map - First time I actually appreciated a map. I never thought it'll be that helpful for tourists like us. With it we were able to find the next restaurant that will make our tummy happy!

So having tried and tested it, are we going back? Definitely, when we visit Connecticut again! I can't wait to try the other menu - next time, the ones with unique names! :)

I was not compensated in anyway to do a review of the products or services mentioned this post.
Everything was based on my 100% honest opinion.

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