September 19, 2014

Sticky Suction Car Mount Review

Have you ever experienced driving with GPS and suddenly it just falls down? Well, I have, not just once but twice. The other one even happened during a 4-hour out-of-state trip. It was crazy having to pick it up every now and then. Good thing my husband was driving and I was in the passenger seat so I can do it, else, he'll be in a terrible situation. It was also not easy because at some point, I needed to hold it for him just so we can arrive at our destination quickly. And to share, I had a hard time looking for a replacement - to find something that works and is within my budget is time-consuming. I guess I will never be in that position again because of the Sticky Suction Car Mount!

Before I discuss the features I love about this car mount, let me tell you when/where I've used it so far:
1) When cooking, I almost bought a gadget holder just so I can easily browse and look at recipes online. Now, I think this will be one of the new additions to my kitchen tools! Makes it easy for me to move and look at the recipe when my phone is attached to this sticky suction.
2) When driving, need I say more? Some car mounts just don't do their job, this one does!

3) When watching, not only for me but for my daughter who likes to watch PBS Kids. ;) I know how hard it can be holding your phone for hours. This product make it easy for us to watch from our phones, stick and sit!
Quite useful, right? And now, the features I love about Sticky Suction Car Mount by iGotTech:
1) I can rotate it from left to right or up and down.
I found this helpful when driving due to the brightness caused by the sun. Sometimes you can get caught by the sun's rays and you won't see anything on the GPS, like there was a blackout. When it starts to look gray, you can rotate it to another position where you won't have a hard time looking at it. Just don't forget to pull over to avoid accidents.

 2) I can use just about any gadget with it.
Unlike the car mounts, that are often times included when you purchase the GPS, and is only brand or model specific, this Sticky Suction Car Mount works well on almost any devices. I have tried using it with our current GPS, iPod, iPhone and even my mom's Samsung phone.

3) It's easy to clean!
I have like an OCD when it comes to dirt. Who wants it anyway? When dirt starts to accumulate, I wipe it immediately. Good thing with this car mount, I don't have to waste my daughter's wipe because I can just wash and let it dry and voila, it's clean again! How cool is that?
I used running warm-hot water.

4) If you think it's not 'sticking' anymore, as stated in the 3rd item, just wash it with water! This will help eliminate the dirt that's causing it not to stick. When the dirt is gone, it's going to work again. I know because I tried it. And by the way if it doesn't, the last item on my list will make you believe.
 Before and After
5) Stick or return.
They have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that if you do not like the product, then you can return it. That's their policy, plain and simple, 'eh?

In case our current GPS car mount fails to do it's job, and it has happened twice, I won't be concerned because I know I can always count on my new car mount!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. Cool! How much and available na kaya sa Philippines?

  2. I've always like a versatile products, that's where I can used the item in just not one purpose only

  3. Wow, that is a nice one to have especially when you are traveling.

  4. I've seen that thing in private cars and some cabs here. I think it is pretty cool, however, what I really feel is that there should be a limit to cellphone use while driving. So many times I have reprimanded a cab driver for using his cellphone (even if it is only the GPS function). It makes me proud to say that no one in my family drives with cellphones in hand or on the dashboard.

  5. I am excited to get my unit. I am sure, I will happy using it just like you.

  6. This is so useful especially those who are driving and want to know where they're going! And not only that, the device would be so useful for me whenever I want to surf the internet or just being lazy holding the phone. Nice review! :D


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