September 28, 2014

My Salsa Was A Hit!

Tortilla and Herdez Salsa
I hosted a party yesterday and I just got to share my experience with Herdez salsa! I am not really a fan and I think this is the first if not the second time I used it with chips. My husband, on the other hand, loves salsa and he uses it with almost anything.
Herdez Medium Salsa
To be honest, I got interested to try the tortilla chips first. I ate it on its own, then I thought of trying it with salsa. Oh my!!! The whole tasting experience became different! I love the fact that it was kind of spicy. I never thought I'd like diced and spiced tomatoes. The taste was just perfect! The ingredients look made with quality from tomatoes to pepper! I might sound over-reacting but I just got to tell what I feel. Maybe I was too excited trying a medium salsa the first time. But I got to share, I almost finished half of the tortillas I served so I had to add more before the other guests arrive. LOL!

I also saw a friend who literally stood behind the appetizer table so I approached him and asked what was he doing there. He said he loved the chips because the sauce was great. I told him it was the first time I tried a (Herdez brand) salsa and I definitely agree with him. I think it was a hit because the salsa bowl was empty, even before the party ended. 
Herdez Medium Salsa
My Empty Bottle Herdez Medium Salsa :(
I just wish I had more than a bottle! I never thought a lot of people would like salsa so much and finish the whole thing! I guess I just found my perfect snack-mate!

I was not monetarily compensated to do a review of the product mentioned in this post. I was given a sample to facilitate my review but everything was based on my 100% opinion of the product. 

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