September 30, 2014

Painting Lulu App and Stylus Review

With today's technology, almost every thing is trying to cope with it's advancement. It can even be applied with our kids toys and learning materials. Some parents succumb to the idea while others do not. I, as mother, think it really depends on how useful and how often the product is being used. Like this new kind of coloring material, more specifically an app and stylus - Painting Lulu. I find it actually more useful than not because you can use/color it in two ways, usual (or can I say traditional) and with the use of technology, in my case - iPad (it can also be used with phones). I love the idea of how they are still able to preserve the idea of coloring with real crayons while incorporating or introducing new ways of doing it using gadgets.
Painting Lulu Available at
Before I start my actual review, I wanted to quote some thing from their website:
"Our missionWe help parents develop kids creativity by playing both in real-life and online using our eco-friendly and technology driven activity books. 
What we believe inWe believe that when we finish to use a product, we should do our best to ensure that its raw materials be reused and recycled for the future of our children and our earth. So, get some crayons and start coloring with Painting Lulu! Your kids can start coloring with our online coloring pages or print them for free. Theses coloring pages are fun and easy way to help kids develop motor skills,understand color concepts, improve eye-hand coordination and enhance picture comprehension."
The Painting Lulu kit comes with a coloring book, a stylus and a free downloadable app. The stylus is shaped like a crayon which retains the idea of (traditional) coloring and a tangible coloring book, which your child can actually color using the materials she already have at home. 
Now to focus on the app, here's the easy to follow instructions:

1. Download the free "Painting Lulu" app through the App Store/Google play/Amazon Appstore.
Free Downloadable AppColoring Book, Stylus and App
Painting Lulu AppThe Stylus
2. Select a page from your "Meet Lulu" coloring book that you have colored, then scan is using the scan feature on your Painting Lulu app.
Scanner FeatureScan Me!
3. A digital version of the same colored page you scanned will instantly appear, ready to be edited and modified by you. In my case, my daughter didn't want to color the physical book itself because she was too excited to try the app. So ours appeared as it is, untouched. It was like magic when the page showed up in the screen. My daughter was very enthusiastic in coloring it using the crayon stylus that came with the coloring kit.
From Paper to Ipad
That's it! Right after scanning, you can easily browse all the pages in the book, which includes 31 fun coloring pages. While on the coloring page, you'll see three buttons - Parents icon, Facebook icon and Printer icon. The parents icon lets you share the image created by your child to be shared with your friends and family via email. The Facebook icon on the other hand, lets you share it with your Facebook friends. And last, the Printer icon which allows you to automatically print the coloring page if you have one installed and connected to your device. 
Sharing ToolsColoring Page
Crayon, Brush and Paint
You can choose from tools like crayon, brush and paint.
Now, let's discuss the other buttons. On the main page, you'll see four buttons - Settings, Music, Camera, Scanner, respectively.
1) Settings
General - You can choose to allow sharing pictures and whether or not you'd want to show the print button in your screen.
Sharing - You can choose to share your child's creation to specific email addresses or via Facebook. I find this really useful because I love showing the whole world how my daughter is very good at coloring (at least for her age).
Settings, Music, Camera and Scanner
Settings - Sharing tabSettings - General tab
2. Music - You can choose to toggle music, it's a soothing background music and my daughter actually loves to hear it while she's coloring! It's so funny when I try to turn the music off she always turns it back on. I guess it puts her in the mood.
3. Camera - What I love about this feature is you can literally take a picture of anything, just like the built-in-camera in your gadgets. It allows you to color and decorate it. After taking a picture of this cup, I took a picture of my daughter then we put some tiara, necklace and bracelet on her, including some text which she ask me to write. LOL!
Camera ToolCamera Tool
Camera Tool
4) Scanner - As discussed above, this scanner allows you to 'convert' the pages in the book to the "Painting Lulu" app. Which as I said awhile ago, works like magic. 

In general, my daughter loved this product. Although there were times it takes too long for it to load the pages, which might be because our iPad's memory is full. LOL. Anyway, I know they have two more books namely "Camping Out" and "At the Beach". I bet it'll be as much fun as this first series which is "Meet Lulu".
Sample Meet Lulu Coloring PageSample Meet Lulu Coloring Page
If you want to know more about Painting Lulu, you can check out their website, Facebook page, Google Plus or Twitter account. I think this'll be a nice gift for birthdays and also a great present this coming holiday. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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